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  1. Windows XP Pro 32 / Windows 7 Problem: new app/window (IE8 or new IE8 window, MSWord, Escel...) take over the desktop, again and again, while you're trying to continue work with the original app. Examples: Working in one app, open a new app; start a new process; or request an IE8 website (via keyboard shortcut, Task bar, or a clicking a hyperlink in the app you're using) Goal: be able to Keep working uninterrupted using one app while any other launches/opens and gets itself sorted out in the background. (Variation) It would be nice to make the launch location optional, e.g. via right-click menu option?. Primary Solution: A registry setting? All responses appreciated..;
  2. In XP Pro can apps be forced to launch in the background insteaqd of always on top?

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