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  1. Nope.... I've tried that already. I've also installed it multiple times with success. I've also been able to install all other updates except KB2491683. I'm stumped. The following is my checsur ==> I've also tried to re-install the KB983589 again, but it states it's already installed. I also tried to uninstall it, but it's not showing up in my program updates as an installed program.
  2. Anyone get any errors from the 4-12-2011 Microsoft updates? I've installed all updates except for KB2491683. I am getting a 800fo900 error from just this one update. I thought Microsoft had it stuff together with these updates. I used to get update errors from Win 98, and Win XP. But never from Vista 32. I did all virus scans, I even downloaded the update by itself. Same error. 800fo900 error.
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