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  1. Hello WinCert folks! :happy:

    I have a problem.

    Well, when I play a game, (let's say counter-strike:Condition Zero this time)(BTW; I'm running a CS server meanwhile) my comp sometimes goes into "Slo-mo" mode, it begins to lag EXTREMELY, this is also happening in other games, also sometimes on my HP Pavillion 9000, (which is much better than my Acer,) but, it's not that bad on the HP one...

    Before, when I bought my Acer laptop (September last year) my laptop was working fine, I made a server with over 20 Ai Bots, and I played meanwhile on it with 4 of my friends, WITHOUT lagg.

    I can't really remember WHEN this all started, but it's long time ago.

    What could possibly cause this ?

    Even after killing a lot of proccesses and unused programs, AND lifting my comp on some "Holders" I have (for better cooling), this still happens..

    I hope you can help me.

    Thanks in advance! :D

  2. @Rick,

    I have created 4 files.

    1 .bat file.

    2 .reg files.

    1 .VKP file.

    My batch file, is moving the VKP to the needed place, and calling the TWO reg files. After that, pause, and after pressing a key, it deletes the 4 files....

    I just can't pack it in a .exe file!

    Do you know any good program to make self-extracting archives which can launch the .BAT file after extraction?

    Also without "YES" "NO" boxes. Like a silent installer.

    Also, what is the command so it says "YES" to the two reg files ?

    So it don't asks, about "DO YOU WANT TO ADD"... ? :)

    If you can answer these questions, I WILL be very happy :D

  3. Ahh, yes of course, sorry man :(

    Everything should be "modified" in these two :)

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

    @="VKP Patch"

    @="VKP Patch"





    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



    Also ^^

    i noticed that if I call it something and put it in the templates folder. it will work too :)

    so I have a file named "3152859.vkp" in my "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Templates" folder.

    Thank you Rick! :D

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