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  1. This topic is awesome, thanks for the useful links guys!
  2. It's probably because it's soon 22th October, well only a bit more than a month - till the retail launches. Just to confirm this thing works perfectly, I've downloaded WinXP and VS2008 without problems, this is awesome for students (I'm studying at Higher Technical Examination Programme (HTX) in Denmark), and I personally can't afford using that much funds for an OS and IDE.
  3. On the other hand, I wonder how many registry entries Microsoft uses to run the WindowsOS, gives me thoughts about Microsoft filling the registry with snappy keys that don't do anything
  4. Good evening WinCerters! I've recently started on a new education. In the building we have a wireless network without protection on it. However to use it external you have to sign in on a VPN network, that is run in the unsecured network. The most things works fine, like WebAccess and IM programs, however Thunderbird and Steam + some other applications are unable to establish connection (might be because they use ports that are blocked by the VPN to access the internet). I was thinking about somehow rerouting all network activity on my laptop to be through port 80 (web port - open)? Or to use my other laptop at home as a proxy server? that can route all my outgoing connection out to the needed servers, as I'll have all ports open. Thanks in advance! MrT.
  5. Well if there is a guide that can be automated and integrated into an app, then why not
  6. 'Bruteforce' the MS server, wait for reply, if 404 igonre, if not open html and get windows version and add to a list? That would be rather hard, it could scan the html for .swf link files, but usually on gaming sites there are loads of .swf files all around (commercials, spam), but then the user should select one .swf file from a list. Windows Installer maker that does what? If there is a manual or some kind of guide that users manually follow - that could be programmed into an app, then why not.
  7. Microsoft developers are crazy sometimes, but I like the fact that even though it's a serious organization, that they make jokes inside their OS.
  8. Hi guys! It has been a while I've posted here, but I've been lurking a lot. (mostly news) Anyways, since I'm an experienced C# programmer, I want to .. well do something with my skills, and hopefully improve them. I've coded the Extension Manager program thingy a while back, but I'm looking for something that people needs. As this actually is a Windows forum, I thought it would be a good idea to ask here about what kind of software people needs! Remember though, that my skills have restrictions, and I cannot fulfill all things that you suggest for an application. Looking forward for some feedback on this. Cheers, MrT aka Snowiffic.
  9. I can't believe this, I was bored so I opened my RAM area in WinHex and then looked at what msnmsgr.exe (Windows Live Messenger) was using. I opened the main file (msnmsgr.exe) and then scrolled randomly down, with the hope of finding anything.. And here are the results!
  10. You can make them smaller in the settings menu for the taskbar. Been using it for a while and simply love it! Missing the support for virtual ODDs though.
  11. Thanks Denny, but too late Ah well, I some of it back from backup CDs I found
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