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  1. What bug/fix, this is a 3rd party patch. It was tested on Home Basic RC in 7 and worked. If you think of anything else, please let me know, I don't quite understand the question.
  2. Hi guys, Windows Projects Community is very proud to present, the first and the only universal patcher for forcing Aero transparency - Windows TransForce UI! Releases: The current version is: 0.0.14 UI Windows TransForce UI will enable users using Windows Vista Home Basic or Windows 7 Home Basic to force transparency on various visual styles. Download
  3. What's on your mind?

  4. I've compiled an icon pack out of new Office 2010 Beta Build 4417 icons. 92 icons! Download
  5. Nope, same requirements as Ultimate. Advertising of?
  6. Vistaglazz adds just the maximized transparency. This gives Aero Glass like it is in Ultimate.
  7. In cooperation with ~killermole23 I wish to present your the Hex method of getting Aero Glass in Home Basic! Enables both transparency and blur. All you need to change in Aero.msstyles: Find DF DF DF FF and change it with 00 00 00 00 Oh how mighty (Microsoft) have fallen. I wish to thank ~killermole23 for the VSB Method, without him, I wouldn't find this code. Expect a patcher soon. For more details, both methods and step-by-step image tutorial visit: Full tutorials and Video @ Windows Projects Community Expect a patcher from Windows Projects Community soon.
  8. I'm sorry that I provided a valuable information that happens to be on a board that I administer. :questionmark: I should have spammed.
  9. Windows 7 Build 7600 x64 RTM Leaked (don't know if I'm allowed to post the exact link)...
  10. This is not a Windows 7 build, this is an icon pack made from icons in Windows 7. Why don't you read the first post?
  11. Updated to v1.2! Same download link, in the first post, which is updated with new info. Enjoy!
  12. Wasn't there some kind of a registry switch like "NoLogOff" or something like that? I'll check it out, if anyone remembers, post it.
  13. Brought to you by yours truly - marxo! :icon_cool: This icon pack contains 247 icons in 23 categories. It contains most of the new icons from known Windows 7 builds. Application Control Panel Diagnostics File Types Folders Games Hardware Internet Explorer Libraries Media Network Other Troubleshoot What's new? v1.1 - Added 3 icons from Build 7022. Windows Media Player, Windows Sidebar and Homegroup. v1.2 - Added about 30+ icons from Build 7048 and Build 7057 - Drive Lock, Games, Paint, Calculator and more. Download I'm extracting new icons from 7068 and 7077, so you can expect v1.3 really soon.
  14. Name: Marko Age: 18 Location: Serbia
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