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  1. I attempted a clean installation of Windows sidebar, this time using the other download link, but nothing happened.
  2. Windows XP Media Center Edition Version 2002 Service Pack 3
  3. Hi again, I.. ..installed Alky_XP ..restarted the computer ..installed sidebar.inf ..restarted the computer Is there something else I need to do because I don't see the sidebar?
  4. I do recall referring to the sidebar as 'Windows 7 sidebar for XP' - That's because a lot of the search results on Youtube had Windows 7 in its name. I didn't know Vista had its own sidebar - I've never used or seen Vista before; I only know of it. I don't think I'm going to bother you with the differences between the two since I'm installing the sidebar so I can use System Animator to display animated, customized anime/manga-style characters/images on my desktop and the official website for System Animator linked me directly to this topic in order to download the Windows sidebar for XP (Which
  5. Yeah, sure - http://www.mediafire.com/?d42vdneyymy Okay.
  6. 'kay, now I see. The sidebar.inf is the 'Setup Information' file. How can I be sure Alky_XP is finished installing? - Just wait for its entry to appear in the 'add/ remove programs' list? Out of curiousity, you wouldn't happen to know how the sidebar was modified, would you? I figured I'd ask you since the link is from this topic. P.S. Sorry about contacting you via PM. At the time, I didn't think about posting in this topic - Probably because I had just finished PMing someone via Youtube so I had the idea of 'PM' in my mind coupled by the fact it was quite late.
  7. I downloaded Windows 7 Sidebar for XP and extracted the zip file to a new folder on my desktop. I opened the folder and double-clicked on Alky_XP. No installation windows appeared; however, a small (3-4 MB) Alky entry appeared in my 'add/ remove programs'. I restarted the computer and nothing happened - I'm not sure what to do next. I currently have the program extracted to a folder on my desktop. Could you help me install the sidebar please?
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