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  1. Two year old thread but I register to add my own tips since this thread was helpful in my efforts. If using XP and the plan is to use Intel SSD Toolbox with an Intel drive (I use X25-M G2) you must leave the following in to make full use of the Intel software. - VBScript must be left in or the Intel installer will fail to complete (Intel SSD Toolbox v2.0.2.000 here) - "Indexing Service" and "Volume Shadow Copy" must be installed to use the optimizing functions (TRIM) from the toolbox In a related note, the free version of Dataram RAMDisk (V3.5.130R18 currently) does not play nice with the current version of Intel SSD Toolbox, which hangs when querying for drives at startup. Users of such software must use a different RAM disk program/driver if use of the Intel SSD Toolbox is required.
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