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  1. I know it's mentioned somewhere probably, but I cannot find it and I hate to download warez ISO's... ==> The MSDN ISO's from Win7 with SP1 integrated <== If no direct link for download is available, then at least the CRC or SHA1, so I can know a warez version is actually a copy of the original. ThanX! :thumbsup_anim:
  2. so how we get them safely? without needing a warez copy of an iso file or anything?
  3. are they available for download freely, or you need msdn membership?
  4. As I was told that the files written on a fast SSD would be best off if there was not alot changes to the disk or partition. I'm lucky to have a vertex3 ssd, so I want to be as kind to the SSD as possible. Few questions: 1) would be obviously smart to have the user files on a seperate partition, but what about the pagefile? and other system files? 2) would it be best to make a sysprep image and then once in a while just do a reinstall of the OS or would it be better to make an image backup with software like TrueImage or is there just a difference in preference? 3) any other advice about the disk structure of the OS regarding to SSD storage? Thanks all! :giveheart:
  5. and how do r7lite and toolkit "slipstream" the sp1, also in a similar way? or is that more of a slipstream? and what about this post: is that verified already? would you prefer the sysprep method over a "slipstream" attempt?
  6. You can already help by pointing me to the video you suposed to have posted about slipstreaming sp1 with sysprep? Or anyone else can point me to this? :dribble:
  7. Trying to build a good win7x64 image integrated with all my drivers and updates. Hi all ! :thumbsup_anim:
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