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  1. I have stopped to use the ImageX tool. I have downloaded an ISO-USB-flash tool of Microsoft and converted the SBS 2011 software to the USB-flash drive. After changing the boot sequence I have been able to install the SBS 2011 server.
  2. I have upgraded the program ImageX with an hotfix to the version 6.1.7601.21716 but the result is the same. The program creates a modules which is larger than 300MB. The program CreateSpannedShares starts to create the map CD1 to CD25 but uses internally the program ImageX to create the .SWM files. The map CD10 contains therefore also the file install10.swm which is larger than 300MB (814MB).
  3. I have to install SBS 2011 at a server with only a cd-rom. I have splitted the install.wim file with imagex into swm-files of maximum 300MB. The install8.swm has either 814 MB. This files does not fit at one cd. Has somebody an idea to solve this problem?
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