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  1. Hi, The version of Wintoolkit 1.4.31 is not working proberly. when i install windows update patch through the wintoolkit it is expand all the update (msu to cab) step by step but after the extaction updates it is nothing. It only expand the msu file to cab and do nothing for update from update installer option. At the compare the previous version it have expand the msu file into cab step by step and install the update and after the update it show the message of shut down and after the shut down it integrate all the update into the windows. so please check the option of update installer in wintoolkit 1.4.31 and fix the bug. Thanks
  2. Hi, everyone The version of wintoolkit is unable the mount the wim images of windows 7 and window 8. it is show the mount error problem. I hope it will improve by the programmer in the next coming version. Thanks
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