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  1. @dotfusion I've looking around for Speed Touch 510 specs, and several models came up in Google. This is more like the one I have: http://www.ovislink..../SpeedTouch.asp https://service.symp...content_id=1256 Sorry if I missguided you, but there is a label in the bottom that clearly says "SpeedTouch 510". Edit: I'm trying to find out about compatibility issues between modem and router. Will report leater.
  2. Wow, thanks. I'll look for tech support, but i'll do a little googling first and see if I come up with something. I didn't know my modem had a built in router, I'm looking for some tech info about it. Best part of this is that, if it works, I'm not modifying my WinToolkit settings for leaving those components alone. I'm a kind of a "slim down" fanatic. If it works, I'll post result and give some kind of closure for the case. Thanks again for your time and help!
  3. ipconfig /all with modem-to-pc. Where can I identify the subnet? Edit: Got it, in Máscara de subred . . . . . . . . . . . . : When I did ipconfig with router plugged in, it was I'm a little confuse. You mean the router, not the modem, right? Yes, I've being digging around in the configuration page, even take de config to default from there, just to be sure. Configuración IP de Windows Nombre de host. . . . . . . . . : win7pc11 Sufijo DNS principal . . . . . : Tipo de nodo. . . . . . . . . . : híbrido Enrutamiento IP habilitado. . . : no Proxy WINS habilitado . .
  4. @ dotfusion Ok, let's see... - DLS username & password are ok. Check that. - ISP Modem is an Alcatel Speed Touch 510 - I'm pasting ipconfig results. In Spanish, I'm afraid. Feel free to ask for clarification when needed. PS: DHCP seems only enabled in "Adaptador de Ethernet Conexión de área local" (Local area Ethernet Adapter, I think is the translation) Configuración IP de Windows Nombre de host. . . . . . . . . : win7pc11 Sufijo DNS principal . . . . . : Tipo de nodo. . . . . . . . . . : híbrido Enrutamiento IP habilitado. . . : no Proxy WINS habilitado . . . . . : no Adaptador de Ethern
  5. Router is TL-WR740N. Just connected it again following the on-screen instructions from the installer assistant. The LED Indicator Description part seems OK. - WLAN light flashing: wireless function enabled. - WAN & LAN fixed, but they'll start flashing later: sending or receiving data (this happens when I try to load a webpage, but I get a "Server not found" error in browser. "Check Router's Connectivity" screen: OK for "Network adapter enabled". After chosing WAN type (PPPoE), security and WIFI name, comes the "Configure Router" screen...and the error. - "1) Please check the WAN connectio
  6. Sorry, no luck. Put some services in Automatic (Automatic WLAN/WWAN configuration), but didn't work. Error given is "Chek the WAN connection", but that is another forum's theme. One thing I did was retrieving Windows Services to default, and the software I used ("ServicesSuite") said that it couldn't find Net.MSMQ - Net.Pipe & Net.TCP. Ring a bell? I think the best thing to do is a normal Win7 installation, so I can eliminate the "missing components/services" theory.
  7. I thought about it, but I wanted to be sure about the "components removed factor" first. I'm afraid that If I say to my ISP tech support that I have a "customized Windows", they wouldn't help me at all. That give me something to sart with. I'll plug the router again tonight and give it a try. I will also try that tool you mentioned. Eric & dotfussion, thanks for the help. I'll post the solution, only to rule out (or confirm) those removed components as a problem to wireless connections.
  8. Hi. I've been using a modified version of Win7 for over two years now, being able to perfectly connect via DSL modem. But now i have to set up a wireless router (my girlfriend needs internet in her cell phone) and I'm having trouble setting up the device. Would someone help me eliminate (or confirm) a component removed with WinToolkit as the source of the problem? This is the list of things that I've removed in "Networking": - Active Directory application mode - BranchCache - HomeGroup - Offlines files - Peer networking infrastructure - RAS Connection Manager Administration Kit (CMAK) - Remote
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