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  1. Hi, I have 2 folders named "Logs" on the same server, Win2K8, in different locations. I need them both shared for user access. Is there a way the share name can be different than the actual folder name? Thanks
  2. In "Devices and Printers" they delete, but come right back. In " Server Manager" it just won't delete. - Thanks
  3. Hi, I'm unable to delete unwanted printers in Win2K8. I tried in Server Manager and Devices and Printers with no success. any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks
  4. How do I create a "one year per page calendar" with the months I choose - like Sept 2012 to June 2013 ? When you click "Set Calendar Dates" it won't let you change the month Thanks
  5. Hi, on a certain XP computer I'm linking a csv file as a table. At the "Field Option" box it won't allow me to change field names. It is stuck on the first field. I can click on each fields and it highlights but it won't change. I re-installed office with no change. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  6. Is there a way to create a bootable restore disk for the OS in case of hardware failure? Thanks
  7. When a user browses to the server in win explorer, is it possible to have them see only shares that they have permissions to? And not see all shares. Thanks
  8. Hi, in Win2k8 server I create a folder, and go to share it right click properties sharing tab advanced sharing permissions and see the "Everyone" group is added by default with Full control permissions. Does this group need to be there? Thanks
  9. In the process of moving an access database (created in Office2K) from an old Netware server to a 2008 windows server. I'm noticing that the database takes almost 30 seconds to open. Once open it seems OK. The database uses linked tables and I re-linked them thinking that was the problem but it had no effect. Any suggestions? Thanks
  10. Setting up an Inranet site. In IIS manager I created a new site and uploaded a few test files. How do I get the workstation browsers to point to the new site, not the default site? Thanks
  11. When I did that it asked for the Windows XP SP3 disk which I did not have handy.
  12. Some of my users are getting prompted to install the Korean Language Pack when opening certain emails in Outlook 2003. Do we need to install these packs? If so where can I get them? Or should we click to never install language packs? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  13. I tried this on the server but it had no effect. And on the pc I don't have permissions.
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