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  1. in the picture, the image in the little square looks like the big red hairy monster from the Bugs Bunny Cartoon, the one with the little mad scientist! Does anyone remember that cartoon, especially that one scene where Bugs styled and permed the monsters hair to make it pretty? :-) I know that somebody does here!
  2. dear lego, McRip, and everyone else here: Thank you for a wonderful product...and I hope to have my new disc up soon, so I can upgrade mine and my wife's systems to have all the fixings... my doggies would love to contribute as well, but seeing as the only thing they can actually PHYSICALLY contribute, I don't think anyone truly wants, I'll just convey their warm and happy thoughts, instead. I'd bring a picture of them, if I could, but I think they ate the cameraphone....sorry! :-/
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