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  1. i've found this to help with offline updates. http://www.windows-update-checker.com/FAQ/How%20to%20integrate%20updates%20into%20a%20DVD%20image.htm
  2. what i've done for updates is I've created a bat file that uses wget to grab the updates from the windows 7 folder, office 2010 folder, and MSE folder. Atm, it doesn't remove old updates, but i'm working on that. well here's the code for anyone that would like it del /S /Q *.html del /S /Q *.htm del /S /Q *.log start wget.exe -m -k -np -c -o win7.log http://hotfix.chris123nt.com/Windows.7/ start wget.exe -m -k -np -c -o mse.log http://hotfix.chris123nt.com/Microsoft.Security.Essentials/ start wget.exe -m -k -np -c -o office.log http://hotfix.chris123nt.com/Office.2010/ the del cmds removes the htmls so you can refresh the downloader. and all output is to a log file.
  3. AV realtime scans hung the saving process once I turned it off it was speedy.
  4. using 43 I add updates and tweaks then click start. it then says completed at the bottom. Just as the others have said.
  5. updated to v36, still hangs when saving wim. I'm using windows 7 pro x64 on a i5-2500k, 4gigs of ram, on a raid 0. Not seeing any files for errors or reports.
  6. version 33 and 34 closes after wim extraction, fails to load any addon/update, and just crashes without any logging. revered to 30 and imagex hangs on saving (i'm on win7 x64 pro) then starts to save.
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