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  1. Found out the reason why. Turns out it's a bug in Win Toolkit where it places the WinToolkit_Apps folder outside the ISO directory. So in my situation, it was placing it in D:\Downloads instead of D:\Downloads\Windows 7\Professional\X17-59186 (where I extracted my ISO).
  2. For some reason the latest version (3-17-2013) fails to install when integrated using Win Toolkit. I tried using the /y switch as I did in the past with the previous versions but it shows a blank window and stays like that. I also tried without any switches, same thing.
  3. Turns out that was one of the issues. :worthy: Thanks! But I was checking the folders/files on McRip's server and some of them still aren't downloading. Some example folders are KB2772501, MSXML4, Silverlight, and Fixit under Windows 8 x64. EDIT: Arg.. after deleting the old folder Win Toolkit is downloading the correct files again. I probably should have just deleted everything and started fresh. *sigh*
  4. I have all of my updates backed up prior. I simply copied them over to v1.4.1.14 (and v1.4.1.15_T15) and when I tried checking for any new updates it sorted some of the wrong files in the old folder. Another example is to check McRip's two servers and compare what he has versus what Win Toolkit download. Update Changelog.txt isn't downloaded, for example. Windows 7 Updates: http://hotfix2.cesidian.info/ Windows 8 Updates: http://win8.cesidian.info/
  5. Refer to my previous post. v1.4.0.77 grabs the entire update list correctly from McRip's server. Every version after that has incorrectly marked some of the files as being older and put them in the old folder. The best way to describe this is to download all of McRip's files from Win Toolkit v1.4.0 [stable] v1.4.0.77 and then transfer them over to the v1.4.1.14 folder. The one issue right now is that McRip has changed his server so v1.4.0.77 doesn't detect it.
  6. I posted a while back regarding that some of the files are being put in the old folder despite being recent and on McRip's server. The only version of Win Toolkit that doesn't do this is v1.4.0.77. By any chance could this get addressed? I really don't want to go and download each file individually.
  7. At least they were kind enough to pay for the shipping. Intel, OCZ, and Crucial haven't done that with me. Anyways, best of luck. Corsair's RMA service is pretty quick. I returned a defective H100 and got a new one about two weeks later.
  8. This is with all of the updates sorted correctly in their folders: Then after I check with version 141-1: It puts these files in the old folder: Same thing happens with Windows 8 updates. If I go back to 140-77 it will sort the files in the old folder back to where they were suppose to be.
  9. There seems to be a bug with McRip's Windows 7 & 8 update list. With the previous version 140-77, it sorted them in the correct folders. But with the newest version 141-1, it marks everything in /additional as "old" and put it in that folder.
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