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  1. Sorry, but I can confirm the matter of post #78 (compstuff): only the FIRST programm was installed (on my installation: Adobe Flash Player); Add-On and Updates/IE9 no problem. Versio is MfG, Thiersee
  2. Drive D: is NTFS, but, in my PC, is on another drive. Yes, Settings.txt changes; on restart it changes back to default (only "Temp", NOT Mount). Regards, Thiersee
  3. I can confirm the problem! On restart Temp-folder changes back to default, mount-folder stays modified; Setting.txt is NOT write-protected. I want to have Temp- and Mount-folder on D:\ (C:\ is a SSD ); if I modify Temp to D:\, Win Toolki writes Win Toolki twice, i.e. D:\Win Toolkit\Win Toolkit. MfG, Thiersee
  4. I know, it' the only way . Regards
  5. Hi Legolash2o, the downloaded file ist still version! Regards, Thiersee
  6. Hi, also in the version 1.4.0-3 is W7T still NOT integrating AMD Grafik-Driver, if they are compressed (original from AMD); if the Driver are uncompressed no matter, it works. Regards, Thiersee
  7. Hi, what is the tag "Files" in W7T for? Thanks. Thiersee
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