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  1. gordgraff, Try minimize with: Windows key+M cause Windows key+D (or "Show Desktop" quick button) will show you ONLY DESKTOP, so, all is minimized.
  2. Hello there! My first post, but isn't just for thank you (the bar looks really fantastic now!), and a have a problem.... (sorry if someone have the same problem, but I've read all the entire topic and found nothing!) The new Alky plus Sidebar works well on my PC. The problem is when I try to chance the skin! I've installed Sidebar Styler and dotnet 3.0, and downloaded some skins. So, I try to change the skin, but the Sidebar gives me an error, and doesn't open anymore! I've figured out that after I change the skin, a new file is created (sfc.dll), and when I delete it, the Sidebar works perfect again!!!! Why? I've tried to patch this DLL too, but without success (right button on it --> Patch vista Lybrary) This problem doesn't happen on my work's PC, just on the (two) pc's in my house! Anyone? EDIT: It works! Re-downloaded dotnet 3.0, reinstalled it, and finally works!!!!!
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