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  1. Hello OnePiece, I'm glad to talk to you in person. I have seen your nickname and tools floating around. You did a great work a couple of years ago for the "addon" community. Thank you for your time and efforts. Actually i'm struggling with nLite that is a great tool too but it's hard to have all the things removed and added properly to make my own dedicated hardware configuration. So i'm reading a lot of "old" forum's threads. Very active a couple of years ago but actually there is not much activity. Your help is very welcome. I found DXUPAC.exe here yesterday: http://www.wincert.n...kaddon-creator/ But I didn't figured it was so simple. I will try to use it and report back. Thank you again.
  2. Hello, The link is dead, could anybody with the original file (same MD5 chechsum) host it again somewhere ? Thank you in advance.
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