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    Thnx for the update, the best of luck with your exams (though I'm sure you rule out luck ;-) , and enjoy!
  2. Ok, I get the line of thought. We could exchange a lot more thoughts about this, but that would probably not help the case here, and also become more and more off-topic. (which I dislike maybe even more than racial woman yelling rape in crowded buildings)
  3. I'm not from the USA, so I'm just curious how strict behaviour should be here so not to cause the possibility of legal troubles. A slightly different example: Suppose me, or any other forum user would enthousistically mention he just spotted the new .... album from the band .... released by .... on the torrent network. Maybe even mentioning the exact filename. Besides this would be very off-topic ;-) , could that already be a possible cause for problems? (in my country only uploading is illegal, so this would not be a problem at all) Also free speech is (or should be) protected in all civilized countries? (feel free to erase my messages if even talking about this is tricky)
  4. On bittorrent there are plenty updated iso's to be found. The only problem is you are not always sure what was the source, and what was altered/added. And of course often cracks are included, what makes them easily illegal to begin with. If somehow a monthly updated iso was to be found on the torrent network, which would be recognisable to be created with the use of the work and tools of the guys we admire here, the problem would be solved? Wouldn't it?
  5. Thnx Thiersee, I am going to do that. edit: Ready integrating and installing. It took somewhat longer, but everything is perfect now.
  6. Thnx crashfly, that sounds indeed like what might have caused it. I am using a relatively small ssd as system drive. Yet big enough (up till now) for everything I have been doing. There is no setting to move the Win Toolkit temp folders to another partition is there?
  7. While I apreciate the feedback and some tips, there seems to be some confusion about my posting and what happened. I was not trying to update my running system, so KUC has nothing to do with it. I was trying to create a bootable usb stick, with McRip updated Windows 7 x64, and had all neccesary files and Win Toolikt on D: partition. Somehow Win Toolkit changed and added files on my running system on C: It may have been my own fault, it may have been some bug/error in Win Toolkit or other software on my system. Now for the most part I am up and running again after a complete reinstall. I just thought to post this either for the sake of mentioning a possible bug in, either to learn what I exactly may have done wrong what caused this. I don't want to have this happen again.
  8. It might be my own fault, not being a big expert, but I've been using Win Toolkit before and this never happened before: I tried to make a fresh USB installer with McRip's updates integrated. (extracted dvd image and Win Toolkit on D: partition) Running and creating Win7 Ultimate x64. After completing I realised I forgot to add a driver, and ran it again (never did that before, and maybe i did something wrong there) Used the resulting USB stick to clean-install another PC, but noticed after doing so no updates or settings were added. Ran Win Toolkit all over again, same result. Removed Win Toolkit and dvd image files, started clean all over, same result. Now I get pop ups that my current C drive is getting full. Found a folder on my C drive named Wintoolkit with a 'mount' folder in it, which is getting larger and larger... (now about 11GB) Also muy current Windows is downloading updates while it was already up to date. Also some programs lost registration and say trial period ended and won't work anymore. I can rename the Wintoolkit folder and the 'mount' folder, but can't delete it (also tried changing ownership, unlock etc. etc) I am aware there is a setting somewhere were you can select to update your running Windows system, but I am sure I haven't touched that. In short, I now have a small disaster, I'll now have to completely reinstall my working PC which was running perfectly before. What may I have done wrong, and shouldn't there at least have been a warning that Win Toolkit was going to alter my running Windows installation? (anyway, still thanks for a great tool)
  9. Wow, that's fast. Thnx! I think I used the other 'Wim' the first time, which later gave me 'driver not found' errors while installing. Will try again.
  10. Hithere, I am in need of some help using Windows 7 Tools. I have all the contents of a Windows 7 installation dvd in a folder. I also have the post sp1 updates from Solor in another folder. The goal is to integrate these updates, and do some tweaks. My guess was to start by using the “all-in-one tool”. To my shame that is where I already get stuck, since it asks for a WIM file? Am I supposed to create one before hand, or do I choose one of the two present in the ‘Sources’ folder from the installation dvd? If so, which one, boot.wim or install.wim? Tia! Jistme
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