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  1. I'm having a peculiar issue - I used the September AIO pack on 3 different OEM sources - XP Pro, XP Home, and XP MCE (Patched with SP3 through the special tool you guys came up with). XP MCE allowed me to enable regional language settings for non-english characters without an issue. with XP Home, however, all the language files for asian language support appear to be missing. cplexe.exe was one of the first executables that could not be found. I stopped the process and reverted back to not having support. I'm going to test my XP Pro iso prior to deploying it any further, until I can be sure that the AIO pack isn't to blame for the weird missing files. Anyone else have similar problems? I'm primarily only enabling these language support files because I intend on imaging sysprepped VM's to wim's, so I can easily deploy updated XP os's on various machines. I should also note that my sources for these OS's are the original MSDN SP3 ISO's, stripped of the extraneous folders in the root directory, but otherwise stock MS images. I'm thinking of just ditching this build, and wait on the October release, since there's been quite a few updates this past week, and I don't trust what's going on with the XP home disc since it seems like all the 'extra' language support files are missing. I was using rvm Integrator 1.6.2b2 (latest available version, afaik) and just the AIO pack for September.
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