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  1. These are both tools to add network support to Windows PE, but I wonder if they can be used with an installed Windows XP SP3. The reason I ask is, I want to boot Windows XP SP3 but change some settings before booting is completed, such as, the Computer Name, the NIC IP settings and things like that. With Windows PE there are scripts available, but I have no idea when to load this on a normal installation. I figured out already that a User Profile script is simply running too late during boot process and will not allow changes such as Computer Name (you will need another reboot for that). I know I can use those network tools inside Windows XP too, but how do I use them to change settings before Windows XP is booted? and if this is not possible with these tools, then what approach should I take? Thanks for all suggestions!
  2. Is the 12-29 still the most recent version? I believe there is a new update in 2012 for .Net 4 right?
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