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  1. So you are the one who cannibalized the W7T. Congratulations. I shall propose you for the "medal of lamer". Go get a TOEFL or IELTS instead of cannibalizing software that you don't own. Your low education is driving you to low life standard. W7T it's a FREE OF CHARGE application. You should at least give some respect to the author. And last but not least get a life....
  2. ............. plus the rest of the software. It would be nice to have more software choices but please don't forget to put the english language. Because I don't speak Estonian.
  3. If it's not so hard to be done why don't you do it yourself? :naughty:
  4. zavan


    I have replicate the above with one exception. At the exit of component remover (before I enter AIO tool) I choose save and rebuild. The above error, if there is any relevancy was only with a save after component remover.
  5. It's at least pathetic for someone to be power user enough and have a decent understanding of Windows so to use a very technical program like W7T and not have the very basic linguistic knowledge/jargon of some English to use the program. It's not a program with tons of help pages or tons of definitions. It's a tiny program with specific functions. Nobody plans to have a political conversation with it or philosophy talk about Shakespeare. A good balance could be since this is a free application like many other applications in the past the "linguistic sensitive" users to take the guides published already at this forum and contribute by translating them into their native tongue. So this will leave (for now) Legolash to continue the important parts of the program and leave the cosmetic parts for a more relaxed step. Regarding the problem encountered about resources hack of W7T. If someone(s) of you have problem with the English language, just by the sight of it, and get in the mental point of "hacking" (better say cannibalize) a program to remove/replace the English language then this is pathological. English of course is not my native tongue. I am from Greece and so I speak Greek. But I never EVER mind using an English only program (even Windows). In my opinion it would be a lovely idea to see this program got translated but not yet. Cheers
  6. Lovely. So no way to get rid of IIS .... even on home premium.
  7. loginvovchyk I will send you a beautiful greek interpreter. LEGO GO FOR MORE REMOVAL :punk:
  8. Indexing package removed! But, why indexing still exists after installation?????????
  9. Yes I know! I did all this in purpose. I thought that if I remove all the IIS **** and also remove the .net 3.5, after the winblows installation I could simply install the removed .net 3.5 manualy without IIS. But it doesn't let me. I was looking forward for a workaround on that any thoughts?
  10. OK. I removed anything had to do with IIS mplah mplah plus .net 3.5 Now that I am trying to install it it says "You must use "Turn Windows Features on or off" in the control panel to install or configure Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1". Help? P.S. Yes I need the damn thing .net 4 will not save me.
  11. I BEG for the possibility to keep constantly pressed the left mouse button, travel the mouse pointer over the checkboxes and voila! Fast checkbox selection instead of click each one. Mainly for the Component Remover maybe and elsewere. Cheers
  12. zavan


    If the problem is only the language thing why don't create a support for translations using maybe an external "resource file", so for anyone who want to translate the prog to do it without any broken finger. Now if the problem is elsewere then... code encryption it's a measure but not for long. All the binary encryption tools someday (and this is not far) have their equivalent unpacker/decompiler.
  13. zavan


    I am a coder myself and I fully understand the "problem". Of course I was joking regarding selling it. It would be a perfect joke to see W7T with a over network copy protection mechanism or a Hasp; But encrypting the code of such a tool really made me wondering.
  14. zavan


    I selected Windows 7 HOMEPREMIUM, then *AIO #Tweaks Always Unload DLL Detailed Shutdown/Logon Disable 8.3 Name Creation Disable Admin Shares Disable CPU Parking Disable Dr Watson Disable Drive Autorun Disable Group Policy Synchronise Disable Hibernation Disable Highlighting of new Programs Disable Low Disk Space Notification Disable Search Online on Unknown File Extensions Disable Startup sound Disable Window 7 built-in CD/DVD Burning Disable Windows Error Reporting Enable DVD in Media Player Enable MSI Service in Safe Mode Force Windows 7 Media Player to run 64 bit IE Homepage::http://www.google.gr/ Improve USB Storage Devices Performance Increase File System Memory Cache Size Kill Services Quicker on Shutdown Launch Folder Windows in a Separate Process Open NFO files with notepad Remove 'Default Programs' from Start Menu Remove 'Devices && Printers' from Start Menu Remove 'Games' from Start Menu Remove 'Help && Support' from Start Menu Remove 'HomeGroup' from Explorer Remove 'Libraries' from Explorer Remove 'Troubleshoot Compatiblity' from context-menu Remove 'Videos' from Start Menu Show File Extensions Show Hidden Files/Folders Show Notepad Statusbar Show 'Recent Docs' on Start Menu Show 'Run' on Start Menu Turn off system beeps Word Wrap in Notepad #Options Create Backups Enable CMD Force Unsigned Prepare Drivers Prompt Addons Prompt Drivers Prompt Gadgets Prompt Silent Prompt Themes Prompt Updates Prompt Wallpapers Rebuild Image Skip Driver Checks I have removed packages from "component remover" BEFORE I enter the AIO Tool. I have also included 2 updates (not shown above). IE9 MSU and Windows6.1-KB2581464-x64.MSU.
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