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  1. In the options window for "Main" - although I haven't changed any settings it says - "All the new settings you have selected will not be saved" . Disable the transparency by default as it shows other app's/window's text,making it look ... And there are still mistakes on tooltips of "force unmount" & "gadgets". Done.
  2. @ Cipher,er1ch -- the error u are getting is,might be for integrating hotfixes of solor's, bcoz MS clearly states :-- "Apply this hotfix only to systems that are experiencing the problem described in this article. This hotfix might receive additional testing." So,u try excluding solor's hf's(-hotfixes).
  3. has anyone tried with adding all x86 updates,and has it caused any problems,resulting in a bug.
  4. Mistakes -- and in -- " lot of drivers are not being integrated when non-English computers". There are also mistakes on tooltip's of Usb boot prep,force unmount & gadgets.
  5. the GUI icons are too big,will u decrease their size?
  6. It has nothing to do with religion,these are general advices by which u can build patience & do better coding . About thinking -- Sir, 1. Think well and do things, and also that thinking should be done at once(if possible) to reduce errors and not while working because u will lose concentration. Bcoz recently also in your change log there was a mistake - *Tweak: "Alwats" shows 2.Increase patience, which makes even difficult work easier. Ex: is your own lord Jesus who was crucified to death which he tolerated.If not possible to build such patience at least...and whenever u lose it recollect this example. 3.And If u are hearing/reading a great point instead of writing it,-- recollect it in the memory again and again as u read,by which one never forget things .
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