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  1. thought my somewhat outdated vc runtimes pack was at fault, so I uninstalled them, DLed them straight from microsoft.com, installed them => still the same error I opened your installer's msi, removed a few lines mentioning msvcr90.dll in "FeatureComponents" and "ModuleComponents" (I have no knowledge about msi editing, so I have no idea what I actually did) => works like a charm. I tried to open a pdf and it worked as well I took a quick look at your 11.0.5 installer's msi for reference, it found only one entry with "msvcr90.dll", while it found several in the 11.0.6's msi. once again, I have little to no clue about msi editing, so I don't know if it's the source of the problem or just my paranoïd mind at work
  2. there seems to an error with your latest packages (at least with the french and english ones) VC++ runtimes are installed on my system and your package version 11.0.05 works fine
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