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  1. AIO\Drivers click on NAME column lead to unexpected error.
  2. adminxp

    Win Toolkit

    i think so. just play with dpi settings to see how the application behave. (you can see a screenshot i have sent before) p.s. would be perfect if wintoolkit had text scaling dependent on dpi settings or manual set. p.s2. i can provide remote control to my desktop if you will need it ever for development.
  3. adminxp

    Win Toolkit

    just change dpi settings of ur screen and you will see how ur application will behave. this is easy
  4. got an error and almost the same behavior Thursday 19 April 2018 14:14:19 PM +03:00 RTZ 2 (зима) Log ID: UxD668A1C4103AE182133E4C79D6E37D24_Ex06000CB0_frmToolsManager_ru-RU_933705 NOTE: Use the 'Log ID' when referring to your issue on the forum. It will allow me to find your log and have a look at the problem easier. ***TITLE*** Unknown Error ***BASIC*** A major unhandled error has occurred. A log should have been written and uploaded. ***EXCEPTION*** Операция является недопустимой из-за текущего состояния объекта. InnerException: Source: mscorlib TargetSite: Int32 get_MetadataToken()
  5. i have downloaded WinToolkit_1.6.0.5_Portable unpacked it and programm does not launch at all. nothing happens when i double click on in. windows 10 x64 there is also other report that wintoolkit app crash on start i have downloaded WinToolkit_1.6.0.5_Portable and When I start this program I get errors ?? Windows ultimate SP1 X64 - Asustek Laptop ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Problemsignatur: Problemereignisname: APPCRASH Application Name: WINTOO~1.EXE Application Version: Application Timestamp: 5ad4f4d4 Fault Module Name: KERNELBASE.dll Fault Module Version: 6.1.7601.23403 Fault Module Timestamp: 56f58b17 Exception Code: e0434f4d Exception Offset: 000000000001a06d Betriebsystemversion: 6.1.7601. Gebietsschema-ID: 1031 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
  6. adminxp

    Win Toolkit

    i have downloaded WinToolkit_1.6.0.5_Portable unpacked it and programm does not launch at all. nothing happens when i double click on in.
  7. adminxp

    Win Toolkit

    the issue not in screen resolution - u can get same problems with 720p screen. use windows text\icon enlarging to see same issues. you simply use 100% size if ur screen has not higher than full hd resolution - so u have never seen\tested issues we are talking about. you can change size settings in monitor properties
  8. adminxp

    Win Toolkit

    agree. got my big 4k installed and now i am forced using high dpi settings and enlarging text and icons. even 200% font size cause this:
  9. after clicking update cash WT crashes and GUI not responding. see log and picture. LOG WT.txt
  10. i have solved the issue by placing working and temp folder same drive. also WT does not like short paths. DIdnt accept E:\Mount - but E:\MOunt\Mount was ok - and integration went normal
  11. If u click on most of the checkboxes in Unatteneded creator u will get an error screen THERE IS NO LINK TO THE OBJECT. for example click first checkbox ACCEPT EULA
  12. i select drivers to integrate (3056 drivers) and start the proccess. in the end i got final screen where is no any drivers integrated. version used DISM from win 10 is installed p.s. last version which works correctly for me is Win.Toolkit.
  13. last working version which does not have the issue in title is Win.Toolkit.
  14. you were too optimistic in 2016
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