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  1. Found some bug with XPtsp Batch v1.4.5.2 running on XP SP3:
  2. The blue one looks similar to the one in Windows 7, just a dark one.
  3. bober: XPtsp v1.0.10b11 Batch Script What is the difference between addon manual patcher.
  4. Yup, I did the patching at last before I create iso image.
  5. I am using XP SP3 and XPtsp v1.0.10b11 Batch, which is the latest version for now. I patch the cd after unattended with nlite. Here is it for the copy comparison shown on the screenshot. => http://www.geocities.com/alexander3133/copy_comparison.JPG Move comparison as well => http://www.geocities.com/alexander3133/move_comparison.JPG Above is the normal copy/move and below is the copy/move from Nokia phone to computer. The last one also, when I delete all the browing history in the internet explorer properties. => http://www.geocities.com/alexander3133/delete_temp.JPG I think this is somehow related to temporarily folder, from what I know, when you want to copy something from Nokia phone to computer via PC Suite File Manager, the software will copy the file to somewhere in temporarily folder first then only copy to the location you want. Same case goes to move and also when you delete something from temporarily internet files folder.
  6. Ok guys, I will give you the results of the comparison this afternoon or night as I have things to do now. Cheers.
  7. I just found that when I copy files from my Nokia phone to my computer via Nokia PC Suite File Manager, the copy dialog box shows the unresized animation which is shown below, any clue how to fix this?
  8. I noticed that the AVI in "Delete All" browsing history under IE7 internet properties still not resize, is it just me?
  9. Nothing, just want to confirm By the way, which file consist the classic start menu resources?
  10. Hi, anybody noticed that if you use classical start menu, the string "Windows Vista" is shown at the side instead of "Windows XP" once you click the start menu.
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