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  1. I think I understand what you mean, but really don't think the XP or Windows 7 Multi-OEM disks I've greated using guidelines on this site are any different that what I'm trying to do. The multi-oem disks are being created from a source disk containing one version of XP (home, Pro, etc) that is meant to be installed only one one manufacturers OEM computers. That source is then modified so the multi-OEM disk produced can be installed on any of a number of other oem computers it was not meant to be installed on. I'm just trying to include the multi-OEM functionality of the multi-oem disk to include the ability to install XP Tablet PC Edition along with the other versions of XP already included in the Multi-OEM disk created by following guidelines from this site. The Multi-OEM disk I created was sourced from a legitimate Dell OEM Windows XP Pro SP3 Reinstallation CD. I'll not try pushing the issue any further here and will continue researching to see if I can create the Multi-OEM disk I need to get my clients Toshiba up and running for him, so it will activate and have full Tablet functionality. Since this is the only laptop/tablet I've had a chance to work on, it will probably be my last too, unless I get this repair project completed Although I wasn't able to get my predicament straightened out, I very much appreciate the time you've taken to respond to my inquiry. Am a little disappointed, but am still very impressed with the content of your site. Thanks and best regards, Don disaksen
  2. Hi Kelsenellenelvian, Can you please tell me what the difference between what's being discussed in other topics like "[Addon]Tablet PC 2005 SP3 Edition[English]", and other similar topics, and what I'm trying to do? I'm curious to find out why what I'm asking would be considered warez, while changing/creating a "Windows XP Pro MCE SP3", or "Windows XP TabletPC Edition SP3" installation disk out of a regular, unmodified version of "Windows XP Pro" is not warez? In either case, they are creating a modified copy of XP that will be installed on computers with installation keys other than the one the original copy of Windows XP Pro was intended to be installed on. If I could understand the difference, I wouldn't be asking the question. In either case, changes have to be made for the modified copy of XP to install properly on a computer with a COA sticker other than the one intended for the original copy of XP. To get my clients laptop/tablet working properly, the ONLY way it can be done is with the modifications I've already completed (basically activating the Tablet PC features already included on the original XP SP3 disk), and to get the branding changed so it will accept the legal Toshiba COA key to activate it. I can use one of the cracks floating around, but am not willing to use them. This laptop/tablet is the first such laptop/tablet I've had the chance to work on. I wouldn't be trying to fix the unit like I am IF there were Windows XP Tablet PC Edition rescue/installation disks that could be legally purchased through Toshiba or Microsoft, ... but there isn't, so I have to deal with the situation as I am doing it. It's hard to believe neither Microsoft or the OEM manufacturers offer laptops/tablets without maintaining long term support in situations like this. I'll not press this issue any further here, but I'd still like to know why what I'm trying to do is deemed warez, and the other XP (and other OS) mods (changing one version of windows to another) covered on this site are not. Thanks and best regards, disaksen.
  3. Hope someone can help me get this project done. Am working on a clients Toshiba Portege M200 (tablet laptop), and having to replace the defective hard drive, then install Windows XP Pro and get the Tablet PC touchscreen to function as it should. It's impossible to buy Windows XP Tablet PC Edition any longer, so am having to modify a Windows XP Pro SP2 disk to finish the project. I've modified the XP Pro SP2 so when it's installed, the tablet features, function as they should. The problem I need to resolve now is to brand the installation (Toshiba) so it will accept the Toshiba Windows XP Tablet PC Edition installation key located on the bottom of the laptop/tablet, that will allow it to be activated properly. Without doing that, I'm unable to install SP3 or and updates and patches. If anyone can help me with the proper method of doing it, I would really appreciate it. Thanks & best regards, disaksen
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