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  1. Hey, Is it possible to export the custom list of Registry tweaks to a .reg file (All in one file) for use outside of WinKit? Thanks,
  2. Yes I understand, I was only interested in how they made it so small. As I said above, I don't like how its bundled with crap and keygens etc... I was only using it for educational purposes (like I'm trying to learn now). I don't like the idea of using somebody else's work without adding my own personal touch or learning how they made it. You can never tell whats beneath the surface of Tiny7 (since its Warez) and I don't like the idea of using something that I cant verify the source of. Hence I wanna make my own using legit tools. I know using Warez is against the rules, but surely using it as a template (more of an inspiration kind of thing) and recreating the image (using the legit windows) leaving out all of the adware and being able to keep in certain components as I see fit? Tiny7 was just the background story, I really just want to understand more about DISM and how to take out certain packages (that my dism wont list) What do you mean with only SP1 is supported, with DISM? If so, how did the maker of Tiny7 remove those components with DISM?
  3. Hey, I'm new to using DISM and while I have read a few tutorials and fiddled with DISM GUI I am still completely lost. When you run the Get Packages command in DISM it comes back with next to no packages at all (and thee ones it does come with are removable in vLite, RT7Lite WinToolKit ect..). I have tried Tiny7 and am impressed with how small the image is compared to the amount of features it retains. Long story short I would like to re create (adding my customizations) the image (this way I can make it x64 SP1 and leave in some features that I see fit) I saw in many tutorials that you can only take out the packages listed in the image. However running DISM with a copy of Windows 7 Ultimate x86 SP0 (base image for Tiny7) I only really get the language packages. I want to replicate the Tiny7 image first and then change bits of it later once I have my feet on the ground, so here are the packages I need removing (this is taken from the Tiny7 NFO) Hyper V Common Drivers, Hyper V Guest Integration Drivers, Anytime Upgrade Results, Backup, BLB Client, Business Scanning Feature, Clips In The Library, Client Wired Network Drivers, Common Modem Drivers, Printer Drivers, Tuner Drivers, Win Ocr, Gadget Platform, Group Policy Client Extensions, IIS Web Server Add On, IIS Web Server Add On 2, Indexing Service, IE Troubleshooters, Links, LocalPack AU/CA/GB/ZA/US, Mobile PC Client Sensors, Optical Media Disc, PeerDist Client, Printing XPS Services, RasCMAK, RecDisc SDP, Sample Content Ringtones, Secure Startup, ShareMedia Control Panel, Shell HomeGroup, Shell Inbox Games, Sidebar Killbits SDP, Snipping Tool, Sticky Notes, Terminal Services Command Line Tools, Terminal Services Misc Redirection, Terminal Services Publishing WMI Provider, Terminal Services Remote Applications Client, Terminal Services USB Redirector, Terminal Services WMI Provider, Windows Media Player Troubleshooters, WMP Network Sharing Service, XPS Foundation Client, Networking MPSSVC Rules Ultimate Edition. Any help would be massively appreciated! I hate how Tiny7 contains so much crap and stuff you don't need (esp the activator) I have attached the original NFO for Tiny7 to this post in case anyone finds it interesting what I am trying to achieve Thanks! (Go easy please, I'm new here)
  4. I Dont appear to have the Silent Install tab on V1.4.0.15
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