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  1. Confirmed/fixed, I thought you were talking about the normal installer
  2. Redownload, I did make the mistake by not changing the msi to admin but that was quickly corrected (you may have been to quick to download)
  3. You can get these in the Update Catalog, open this link in IE and install activex http://catalog.update.microsoft.com
  4. Can we please get a definitive answer on this? Yes, for unattended install switch only Thiersee check the hash, should be MD5: 33803f458f43599b7c981acce5f0c336 Also was shocked to find Firefox warning about ricktendo.info, dunno why but could be the false positives caused byt the 7zsfx
  5. Added AIO and Single slim INTL (sfx tools will soon be updated as well) Note: Arabic support is gone in 4.6.1
  6. 4.6.1 English installer updated with HF Rollup KB3120241 With work and being sick have not had time to do LP's, maybe this weekend
  7. Yes, will update soon Edit: Updated 1.9.9 (thank you gora for continuing to support this awesome app) Somebody needs to look at the English.ini file and update what the Russian.ini added (I would but I don't have the time)
  8. Install visual c++ before you install .net and you will have mo problems
  9. Intl packs take hours to do, need to find the energy too
  10. Sorry for the delays lately, been busy with work... Updated skype installer Also posted the vbs I use for editing so others can do it themselves if they please. This is only for business MSI but could work on regular, if you want the update service removed in the (regular installer ONLY) un-comment out line 118-119
  11. 4.6.1 slim added, intl and repack tools will follow later in the week
  12. Changelog 2.0: 3097988, 3106990 4.0: 3097994, 3098778, 3106994
  13. Updated Off Topic: Anybody still using this? I ask because installer gets only under 150 downloads a month, does not seem like enough people to merit all this work
  14. Updated Off Topic: This installer just celebrated its 4th birthday and I am surprised it is still going, I don't know why but people download 4.0 more than twice the times over (the 3 year old) 4.5/4.5.1/4.6 build. For some reason they still prefer this. Is it because people are still on XP, or are they still using 4.0 on Windows 6x (Vista+) when there is a much better alternative?
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