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  1. Quick Launch bar during Windows Setup v0.3.0 While I was creating my Update Pack, I thought it would be really usefull to get easy access to some utilites like cmd.exe, regedit.exe, taskmgr.exe, a file explorer, Firefox, cpu-z... So I decided to create my own Quick Launch bar to suit my needs. As it's a little tricky to set up, this program comes like an addon. You just have to integrate it to your source with RVMi 1.5+. Contents: All components contained into the listbox are optional : so after integrating this addon, if you need to save space, you can remove its in OEM\QuickLch\Apps. LixBox shows only what is present in this directory. If it finds nothing, listbox will be hidden. By the way, don't remove Firefox neither A43 as they are avalaible through buttons. Avalaible translations : English, French, Chinese. (Feel free to ask a translation) ChangeLog: Quick Launch Delphi Source v0.3.0 MD5: 5744E0240CD389EB33E3616F58FAB5DF Size: 38.9KB Quick Launch AddOn v0.3.0 MD5: FFA3BC8543455C386B998DCEAAC65599 Size: 11.8MB Licence: GPL Greets: yumeyao : chinese traduction Cheers, Kal
  2. Oops, as my pack is based on V'ISO, I thought XPtsp has this bug too, my bad
  3. Just found a bug because of moviemk.exe.res When you launch Movie Maker, you get this dialog box : Not patching moviemk.exe solves the problem.
  4. You're merely right : my bad. I was doing the comparison between your and latest V'ISO build, not original files. I will do this from now. Thanks for your help, it's appreciated dude Kal
  5. The problem is not removing those 4bits icons, it's the way you made it. I don't know how you did, but it created a lot of weird things in some res files, you can get their names in my previous posts. For some, it changed icon id, for others, and that's worst, it removed some high res icons. Cheers, Kal
  6. Weird... I checked on a clean XP SP3 without any gui patch, with OnePiece UpdatePack AIO, created a .url file and icon was blank.
  7. Which viso resources were problematic? Anyway, url.dll.res corrupts icon for .url files : no icon ; maybe because I have IE7 slipstreamed and that this res is used for IE6. EDIT : about url.dll file, it seems it's a IE7 bug.
  8. I think it would be faster to get the list of modifications brought to V'ISO, take an original V'ISO, and remake these changes. Shouldn't take more than 2/3 hours.
  9. Going back to VISO would suppose to re-do *all* the changes you made since this project is living...
  10. To do so, I'll need to gain access to your latest release WITH 4 bits icons. Then I'll try to apply every changes you made, while keeping those 4 bits icons and high res icons.
  11. Hmm, icon 260 in shell32.res contains only 16x16 resolution wheras the one in V'ISO b8.2.1 contains high res. Is it wanted or is it another bug introduced by removing 4bits icons ? Kal EDIT : Same thing for icon 265. I can't chem them all but I'm afraid there's a lot of cases like that :s EDIT 2 : icon 36/38 res 48x48 are gone too... EDIT 3 : icon 38, in addition to loose 48x48 res, is only avalaible in 8 bits. Why did you remove these 4bits icons
  12. Any special flag for %UserProfile%\Desktop (not %UsersProfile% neither %AllUsersProfile%) ?
  13. Ok I just made the some testing without High res icons and 4 bits : everything is working. So, the only reason because your res files corrupts wpd_ci.dll is because icon indexes are wrong : they begin at "4" instead of "1". The original wpd_ci.dll.res found in last version of V'ISO doesn't have this bug, so that let me think that bug appeared when you removed 4 bits icons. It changed indexes value of icons for some files, and now weird things happen. Could you please tell me what is the bug about ide device prompt? If you can go back to res files with 4 bits icons, that would keep us for these kinds of bugs. Kal
  14. Arg, by removing all those 4bits icons,icons indexes are wrong in certains file, such as audiodev.dll... You should never do that
  15. Just found a bug in wpd_ci.dll.res. This one breaks Mobile Device autoplay window. Indeed, if we don't hack this dll, here is the autoplay window that should popup when you connact a Mobile Device : But if we hack it, this window will never popup and thus will break Device Mobile support. Indeed, we will get this window each time you boot windows, and it will always file to install drivers : So, now we need to know why wpd_ci.dll.res corrupts wpd_ci.dll. Is it because you removed 4 bits icons or because you dropped 128x128/200x200/256x256 icons, or because indexes are wrong ? wpd_ci.dll comes with WMP11 and already contains the same icons as in wpd_ci.dll.res, so we don't need to hack it. But it's interesting to know the reason of this bug. If it's because of 4 bits removal, then I do advise you to re-add all those 4 bits icons. It doesn't hurt and there's a reason for microsoft to include them. And we really don't care about space saving. Cheers, Kal
  16. As I said : all these resources are overwritten : There's only one UIFILE (id 1000) - will be overwritten All bitmaps in original logonui.exe are in logonui.exe.res, so they will be all overwritten One string table - will be overwritten It doesn't hurt to remove them as you do, it's just a wast of time. Anyways, there's some typo mistakes in your new cmd file, one more reason to not delete these resources %rh% %del% "%tmp%\%name%.%ext%", "%tmp%\%name%.%ext%", String Table,, Should be : %rh% %del% "%tmp%\%name%.%ext%", "%tmp%\%name%.%ext%", stringtable,, Kal
  17. I'm not sure if it's a bug or not : Resource hacker will overwrite these sections with logonui.exe.res, no need to remove them before. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  18. A little question about logonui.res.exe: Why changing stringtable to replace arial/tahoma for segoe ui if you don't include segoe ui fonts in your pack? Moreover, comparing with logonui.exe from SP3, a lot of strings has been removed, is there any reason for it? Thanks in advance and keep up the good work :thumbsup_anim:
  19. Thanks bober for your replie. Last question, why removing 4bits icons ?
  20. Bug in deskapd.dll.res dialog 200 : button List All Modes is hidden edit : why capitalising every word in dialog 200 of deskperf.dll.res? edit : ieframe.dll.mui.res seems useless : it just changes the size of a dialog window, and it doesn't look very good. edit : why all these dialogs in inetcpl.cpl ? they don't come with inetcpl.cpl when we open it in reshacker
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