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  1. Here is it! I've translated that wonderfull pack to french language. I've made somme modifications : All bitmap where it's written Windows Vista had been removed. I like Vista style, but I want to keep the fact that it's Windows XP installed, not Vista. The bootscreen has not been modified, I don't like Windows Vista bootscreen. The copy dialog window don't has the "More information" button, because it has no action associated. The shortcut arrow is not the same as in original V'ISO b7.1 : there are too big if we keep original size icon on the desktop. So I've used another set of arrow. CREDITS goes to : amnesia for helping me too translate all that stuff ferigno1 to point me the winbrand.res file ricktendo64 for all his work ! Download : http://kalxp.free.fr/Addons/V_ISO_b7.1_FR.exe Kal
  2. Thank you ferigo1, it's indeed winbrand.res ! I'm hacking msc files right now, and I see that ntmsmgr.msc is included in Extra folder but its icon is the same as original. What did you change in it? Kal EDIT : same thing with wmimgmt.msc.
  3. Ok, i've understood how to update those msc files : thank you By the way, the bitmap i'm talking about is not in ntoskrnl.exe. In fact, the same bitmaps is in ntoskrnl.exe, but that's not that screen that we see before RunOnceEx. I'm sure because i don't replace ntoskrnl.exe, I prefer to keep old Windows XP boot screen. So, which file could it be ? Thank you in advance, you rock mate. Kal
  4. Ok, i've found where that icon was and modified it. By the way, I don't like to see bitmap with "Windows Vista" written. So I've deleted all these bitmap, but i miss one. On first boot, before RunOnceEx, there's a screen that says "Please wait... " and at the top of this screen there's a bitmap with "Windows Vista" text inside. Where could I find this bitmap ? Last question, how can i edit *.msc files ? Thank you all Kal
  5. Ok i've tested this pack by replacing LangID by 1036. It works really nice ! I love the WINNTBBU.DLL theme :wub_anim: By the way, I don't set my desktop icons 'big', and the shortcut arrow is too big for my icons. Is it an issue or it's a choice ? If it's a choice, where could I modify this ? Kal
  6. Well, I don't that my unattended XP CD needs to install MUI at the end of the installation :s It doesn't seems there's a lot of file that contains STRING section, but a lot contains bitmaps section which I need to check :/
  7. Yes, I know how to translate it. All I want to know is : how many files needs this manual modifications? I can't check every bitmap/string of all res files :sick01: I think there's not a lot of files like this, but maybe you know which.
  8. Thank you amnesia ! In fact, changin LangID is not really hard, a "for" statement in a batch file to change it for every res and that's it. But, there's some file that contains english strings/bitmap, like winntbbu.dll.res or logonui.dll. The list the i'm talking about, is the list that containt all files which contains english string/bitmaps. Is there a lot of resources in that case ? Kal
  9. Oh my god amnesia, that's exactly what I need to translate that pack ! By the way, I saw that there's some bitmap with english strings. I can't check each bitmap/dialog of all resources. Maybe there's a list some where or there's just a few to translate ? Best regards, Kal
  10. Hi there, First, I want to say a big thanks to Rick, your work is highly appreciated :thumbsup_anim: By the way, you say it can be used on english xp source only, but I use a french source and it seems to work very well. The only issue that I get is that logon/logoff screen + boot screen are not modified. Maybe you know why ? If it's language dependant, I could make a french version maybe ... Kal EDIT : ok, i've opened logonui.exe with reshacker and I see the problem : english language code is 1033, where french is 1036. Maybe could I modified your pack to get rid off this bug ? EDIT 2 : I've looked if it was possible to change all LangId from 1033 to 1036 in you res files, but ResHacker does not allow that using command line. So I think it will be too hard to translate this pack :/
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