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  1. Yes... also me, unistall and reinstall BUT nothing, double click on file sidebar.exe but not start :unsure:
  2. I installed sidebar form long time and no problem at all,i have XP pro sp3. Now from yesterday without any motivation, if i double click on sidebar.exe nothing happened and also in windows taskbar nothing appear !??! So in which way i can solve this problem ? Thank Hyspa
  3. If i want translate ...i can change in settings.xml or not ??? Thank
  4. Yes pheraps...but also if i return to aero vista the situation don't change....
  5. Thank for advise.....this is my problem: If i check always on top, no change position....but if close sidebar and restart it now is okay, and the sidebar is no more under taskbar of winodws...! But in this way sidebar is always on top. So i return in panel of sidebar and uncheked "always on top"........the sidebar return like before !!! sigh Why ??? I have aero like a theme and my taskbar is on top. Now i change theme of third party, applied...and top of my the sidebar where yoi cna selcet gadget etc...go under taskbar.... yes correct ....gadget addrestart ???? Thank
  6. Okay is strange ?!? but when i change themes or visualstyle in windows vista, my sidebar go under windows bar and it's impossible utilize the panel of my sidebar....look my image: I restart computer....i try to change position of windows bar on bottone, close and restart sidebar...but nothing. Some advise ??? Thank
  7. ...Thank very good style :thumbsup_anim: :thumbsup_anim: :thumbsup_anim: Hispanico
  8. Thank again Rick......all is okay :thumb_yello: :thumb_yello: Hispanico
  9. I need some advise....i convert a google gadget but now i wont unistall.....but if i select form dock the sidebar go in crash......and if i search in sidebar directory i don't find it ......where is the gadget converted ??? Thank Hispanico
  10. ...i try, okay this is not regarding sidebar...but i search to change the gadget slideshow, in particular dimension when this gadget is undocked. I think that the settings are inside slideShow.js and are these: //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // // styles for gadget when UNDOCKED // //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// function undockedState() { gUndockFlag = true; with(document.body.style) width=360, height=280; with(slideshowBg.style) width=360, height=280; slideshowBg.src="url(images/on_desktop/slideshow_glass_frame.png)"; with(bar.style) width=112, height=23, top=220, left=119; with(pictureFrame.style) top=16,left=17,width=320, height=240; if(imagePathAndName != undefined) { scaleImageForDisplay(); } } i try to change some value but only encrease the border but the image left more little....soin which way a can change in setting, so the image follow the dimension of picture frame.... Thank Hispanico
  11. ....Problem...i install with installer and now when i want exit from side bar, this grey blank windows appear and if i select exit again another ...like image the only way to close side bar is go in taskmanager and kill sidebar proccess.... Some help ? Thank Hys ...P.S. solved Lack of memory on my computer ....for install, unistall...etc. Reboot PC and now all OK :sweatingbullets: :sweatingbullets:
  12. Thank rick.....so if i understand..... in my case i use installer and if you release an update like: Ricks_WindowsSidebar_Alky2k31.0_AddOn_70819.7z i download it and install it form file.inf inside...? overwriting files ?? Hispanico
  13. Thank Ricktendo64...but i have 2 question: 1 - In another post: http://www.wincert.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=505 i see this installer Windows_Sidebar_Installer_August_1-2007.exe and before install it must install Alky for Applications XP or 2003.... So i am a little confuse ? this installer is the same of this or not ? I use your procedure of manual install ....or perhaps i can use also this ?? 2 - ...in the firs post i read "....Q1: The gadgets don't work, the clock is all black. What do I do? A: The Sidebar files were not successfully registered. To fix this go to "Add or Remove Programs" and use the "Change" button to fix/diagnose your problem. (It will also repair Nero DiscCopy and some Uninstalled Gadgets)"...okay but in my ad or remove programs there is not CHANGE button...why ??? because i use manual install ? 3 - ..when you said...."Overwrite the files in Windows Sidebar directory with this: Windows Vista RTM Sidebar v6.0.6000.16386... these unpatched ones and repatch sidebar.exe, sbdrop.dll and wlsrvc.dll with alky (right click on them and choose patch vista library) ...you tell to left my manualinstallation and installover it this ? is correct.? Thank and escuse me Hispanico
  14. Thank for your great work and istructions.....that i follow...but when windows xp sp2 start i received this error message: There was an error in sidebar. The application will closed ....I follow your manual install istructions: - Uncompress the AddOn to a sub-folder - Copy Vista Fonts to "%WinDir%\Fonts" (Optional: rename sinheix.ttf to simhei.ttf) - Install Alky for Applications then Log Off, then On (or Reboot) - Right click on Sidebar.inf and choose Install (you will get popup, this is OK) - Browse for regsvr32.exe in "%WinDir%\system32", hit Select then OK (you will get another popup) - Finally browse to the location of Sidebar.cab, hit Select, OK again (wait awhile for it to install then Reboot or Log Off and On again).... ....i install also WindowsXP_KB940541_86 for ITA system Thank for help Hispanico
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