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  1. Is it possible to make this addon with notepad++ as if it were manually installed, so that when you right click on any file there is a context choice this reads "open with notepad++" I believe a manual installation from files off sourceforge, that the text is also bold in the context menu. Would it also be possible to leave original notepad in place? ATM I am placing the renamed originals in the $OEM$ folder along with shortcuts that point to it... not the cleanest IMO. I know that in your notepad2 uberpack you have a whole bunch of registry entries to registering files to open with notepad2 if choose "edit" in context menu... I think it would be preferable to have a context item which reads "open with notepad++" or "open with notepad2" for ANY file... and leave the edit calls alone... P.S. these are great addons, very much appreciated! EDIT: oops... I actually meant to post this in the notepad++ addon, not the uberpack/notepad++ thread... sorry
  2. comodo has a full line of very good applications also... there is also threatfire I personally use all comodo apps, spywareT and spywareB along with threatfire.
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