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  1. I don't wanna be a big killjoy but, quoting the rules: 5. Images in signatures should NOT exceed a total of 300x100 and 80kb. Flash and animated sigs are not permitted. Please change your signature.
  2. I would be very glad to help you but it is 4:47 am and I got up at 8:00 am yesterday. Go ahead and post here a messenger addy if you have one if not I will dig up a bunch of info for you in the morning (Or afternoon as the case may be:P) nLite, WPI and RVM are 3 things you will very quickly learn to love.
  3. I would be very glad to help you learn to build your own setup, but I cannot help you modify a warez product... We do not support or condone warez.
  4. Ummm did you read the post? He provides a link to the actual installer.
  5. Kelsenellenelvian


    Ummmmmmmmmmmmm yeah HI!
  6. WOW!!!! That is sexy!!! (To bad it isnt the 8800 gtx ultras though)
  7. I have already told you I CAN'T Due to the forum restrictions on file size so please stop asking...
  8. BULLPUCKY!!! Dang it all to heck...
  9. No I was wow'ing the whole concept! I have never seen these before it is a danm cool concept too.
  10. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Worked fine here everytime I use it. This error was reported before and it seems to be a very minor random issue. Just try it again. Also what ver are you using?
  12. I will look at making a seperate addon for Prime95 but as for adding them into the cpl all-in-one there hasn't been enough demand and I am trying to keep this addon very small.... Just very minor tweaks like changing a coupla icons and a couple of words....
  13. Too danm bad even Vista can't handle the possiblilities this opens. Even my system could now hold 16gigs of ram. (The mobo won't support that much either) But man you could load all of Windows and your progs in a ram-drive....
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