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  1. It's been quite some time since I have been on the site. Is it cool if I come back and lurk a bit? My computer has been updated quite a bit since this " IBM Thinkpad T60, T2400, 1GB Ram, ATi X1300, 40GB Intel SSD, Windows XP Professional " Not much of a computer guy anymore, but I still enjoy messing around with things here and there.
  2. Lurker, If I remember right, this addon does that too. It will add an option in Folder Options to remove the icon from the desktop Hopefully memory serves me right.
  3. I just got done installing the Release Candidate on my HP tablet and I must say Windows 7 is an extremely sought after improvement over Vista. God, my tablet ran so slow with Vista. It is an AMD Turion Dual Core, so that might explain it. Anyway, now with 7 on here, this little computer is so much more usable now. Runs way better. I'm definitely purchasing it, so I'll be getting Home Premium (That's all I need on here). I am hoping the family pack works out and allows 3(+) PCs, then I can put it on my desktop and my brothers desktop as well. That would be nice
  4. I have tried 7 a few times and I really didn't like it. I find they are taking simplicity a little too far and your now losing control over a lot of the aspects that I like within XP. Plus the newer user interface really does nothing for me. I'm more about my music now than anything else, and NetMD Simple Burner does not run on anything newer than XP. XP + MD = I will stick to XP Sp3 for a long time.
  5. Just got a little speed boost of 3mbps download. Upload remains the same.
  6. I recently purchased an iPod Mini from Amazon for about 35 dollars including shipping. It had been completely refurbished, new HDD, battery, shell and click wheel. I figured, what the hell, it's cheap and I always liked the iPod Mini design. I have been playing around with it for a few days, and I found the hard drive to be somewhat slow when switching songs and that. But before I purchased the Mini, I had found an article on the internet about swapping it for a compact flash card (same pinout on the board, so no soldering or new adapter required, just plug n play.). The person who did the ini
  7. hehe I thought it was something wrong when I saw the display model in the store
  8. Last Friday I picked up a tablet PC at Futureshop. I have been wanting to get one of these for a long time now, and I finally went out and picked one up. Specifications: HP TX2-1024CA AMD Turion X2 64 RM-72 @ 2.10GHz 4GB DDR2 800 Ram 320GB HDD ATi Radeon HD3200 IGP 12.1" Display 1280x800 Fingerprint Scanner Lightscribe Super Multi DVD Burner Expresscard Slot/34 Multimedia Remote that fits in the Express slot Wireless Draft N 6 Cell Battery Design and Style The design of the HP TX2 is absolutely beautiful. I love the Reaction design they put on it. It's a little abstract and some may not like
  9. Very nice computer that you decided to go with. Asus makes very nice laptops, my F8Sn is great. If you had gone with the HP, you would have to deal with extremely hot temperatures. Ihara an AMD Turion x2 as well in my tablet PC, same speed too. My tablet runs extremely hot even under idle conditions. The processor sits around 50
  10. I'm downloading it right now on, gonna test it out on my Acer Aspire One and my Phenom. I'll post back about how it runs compared to my Aspire with Vista (which runs incredibly well as is O_o) I really like the new look of the taskbar, will be interesting to see it in action. Screenshots can only do so much. Liking the positive reviews from a lot of people on the net, looks promising
  11. Happy Birthday Rick! Wish you all the best mate.
  12. Sorry mate, I haven't modified any icons since June 8 of 07, I haven't looked into the other icons either. Maybe if I get some free time today I'll see about modifying the other icons for you and post how to do it. Just gotta get an XP machine now hehe, all my PCs are on Vista.
  13. Wow, talk about thread revival eh? ehehe
  14. Running Windows Vista on my Aspire One 1.6ghz Atmom 1gb ram 160gb HDD Intel GMA 950 WEI Base score is 2.7.
  15. Wow, I can't believe how much the site has grown. I remember very clearly when it started. I haven't been very active lately, but I still try to pop in when I can. I hope to be here for a long time yet. :type: Love the site :wub_anim:
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