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  1. thanks for the reply, but I already tried this method and it doesn't fix the problem. maybe reformatting is the solution. I'll use Vista again and if Microsoft released a Service Pack for Windows 7 I'll use 7 as my OS again. Thank You So Much for your reply.
  2. hello everyone, i've encountered this problem first, when I defrag my pc, second, after i used windows updates.. After i've restart the computer, there's no animated bootscreen that appeared and it stays as a blank screen(black screen maybe).. there's no option like safe mode, restore to last known good configuration etc... after my bios checked for my devices, there it goes.. a Blank screen.. I tried using startup repair but it doesn't fix, even bootsec /fixmbr and /fixboot doesn't fix it? is it a virus? or a corrupt files?
  3. :thumbsup_anim: well, all your tips really helps.. I'm going to start buying a new motherboard and thermal cooling paste, that's what I need for now.. When I'm holding the new Motherboard and my Old CPU, I must put my other hand to the metal case in order to discharge the static electricity, right? :icon_cool:
  4. thank you for this videos it helps a lot.. what about my cpu? will i encounter overheating because I didn't apply thermal cooling paste? It's Pentium D...
  5. thanks for the replies guys. well this will be my first time to install a motherboard on my own because I'm only looking forward to the pci-e feature of the motherboards and its similarity specs with my old "mobo".. What will be the bad effects of transferring the parts of my old MOBO to the new MOBO like the processor, cpu fan, hard disk, ram, cd drives, modems etc.. what problems will i perhaps encounter? I also want to ask to some of you who already bought mobo on their own, Does new MOBO includes thermal cooling paste? if not, where is it included? is it necessary to apply new thermal cool
  6. Hi everyone. I'm planning to buy a new motherboard because my pc's motherboard doesn't have a pci-e slot and there's no agp8x videocard available in our market right now. I've read on some websites that electro static wrist strap is important when constructing a new pc. I will only buy a motherboard which is LGA 775 socket because my old motherboard is also using that socket. Is it a good idea that i will wrap my fingers with electrical tape as an alternate method using the electro static wrist strap because there is no electro static wrist strap available in our market.... another thing is th
  7. i just want to ask if , do you know some programs that would force all my programs to use a proxy localhost or port 8080 as a proxy to connect to the internet? i use jap/jondo as my ip hider and it uses port 8080 and localhost to be enable all the programs like firefox and internet explorer that has a manual proxy configuration to use jap/jondo.. thanks in advance....
  8. yeah, thanks! Sorry again to all of you! :sweatingbullets: :icon_cool:
  9. sorry men, I do not force you all to do my homework I'm just asking if someone is interested to do it for me. But, I'm sorry because I don't know the rules. Hope you forgive me all. :thumbsdown_anim: :crying_anim02: :crying_anim02:
  10. Guys, I had a project again. My teacher want me to have a project about microsoft word. I will create data's about microsoft word and make it via powerpoint. Can you make it for me??? Peace if none, It's alright.
  11. the hell!? that computer is an old age PC. Wahahaha! :worthy:
  12. moonwalk has been the best dance moves of MJ. :icon_cool:
  13. hahaha! awesome! Being a student is always :thumbsup_anim: :icon_cool: :icon_cool: accompanied by hardwork!
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