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  1. Sigh.... it's more than the last session you said compare files didn't you? What is the problem with making your own directly from a newly updated source? There is no debate here. Any condoning of Warez at all can cost our ad revenue and server.

    Don't be so blindsighted as to having to rely on a Warez based do the work your self.

    Where did you get the last session? From one of his releases, right? That still perpetuated the Warez use.

    You're going to have to drop this avenue of a disk, I will ban you for further argument.

    It's not that hard to make a nlite setup of your own, your actually going about it the long hard way.

  2. Hi. Is there any possibility someone still has a copy of XPSP3_QFE_UpdatePack_20111011.7z?


    It was used to create the last known version of eXPerience's MicroXP which is v0.87 (October 2011). I want to recreate it so I can compare my version with his and check which files were manually added/changed. That way I'll be able to make an updated version with nLite + latest QFE UpdatePack + Last session.ini, DPBase + latest Mass Storage drivers and add the custom changes in the end. It would be perfect to breathe some life into some old computers I have.



    We will not support, condone or assist in any way Warez here at Wincert...... See forum rule #1 ANY argument with this rule or decision will result in a permanent ban.

  3. You say clearly "I still never pay for software". Yes you do say on occasion you donate. I am pretty jaded towards people with that kind of thinking. Software costs way too much due to the fact that so many people think they shouldn't pay for it at all or just use only free software while rarely donating. This is the core of the argument. Lego is only wanting to charge because there is not enough support without charging a fee. He (And most other developers including I) did not start thinking this would be a career or wanting to get rich, but Lego (And many others I know) are actually much worse off for attempting to put free open source software out there and not even being able to make ends meet. (Saying you have bought a game and sandboxie is not really saying much, are you using warez os's to browse and post that with?) have you ever bought MS office or Windows? You seem to say you haven't


    I can access stats that show what my ad driven revenue on my site would be without ad-blockers and it would be considerably more. 


    You seem to insinuate that ads on the site should be enough to cover basic costs and it is not. I am trying to make it clear that developers like us spend thousands yearly on services, supplies and time that we don't see back, yet when we bring up the subject of charging everyone throws a fit.


    My argument with you is not the ad free it is the pedestal you set yourself on coming here with the intention of helping and then saying you never pay for software. (Which you very clearly say)

  4. as a hobby developer, i'll share my expierence


    though i am no expert by any streatch of the imagination, i suspect i have kind of run the gammet with trying to monetize software and these are my personal feelings...


    * 3rd party offers packeged with the installer (user can opt in/out) -- garbage - though it generated a small income, i felt 'dirty' doing this and will likely never do it again - you will (rightfully) suffer the wrath from users who miss the oppertunity to opt out and have junk installed they didn't want - the executable used to download crap may be downloaded even before the user opts in - you may not be able to offer a portable/archive package - may cause you keep the source closed should you want to open it


    * donations -- almost useless, people don't donate to any significant degree - i assume you already know this, else you probably wouldn't be contemplating monetizing through other means :) - may cause you keep the source closed should you want to open it


    * adware -- i HATE adware and i suspect many users share this feeling - personally i never even contemplate using any such software that contains ads unless it's not something i use often (like a tweak that is run once after OS installation or whatever) - may cause you keep the source closed should you want to open it


    * desktop shortcuts for product offers -- useless - may cause you keep the source closed should you want to open it


    * shareware/demoware/crippleware -- this is the method i currently use, though i am not entirely pleased with it - i would much rather provide software for free and monetize another way - users will obviously expect timely support (just sayin') - if the product is popular at all, you will have hackers distributing cracks for it - you have the whole licensing hassle; how to impliment it both client and server side, encryption, keeping track of licenses, etc. - may cause you keep the source closed should you want to open it


    * free, clean software -- if you don't want to monetize the software itself, you can always create a website for it and place ads on the site - i am also trying this and it does gen a small income, but i don't get allot of traffic (you will likely get a lot more) - big dissadvantage may be that some/many software sites offer direct downloads or hotlink to your files, so users may never see your website, though you can probably entice them there through the software with support contact forms, user forums, software manuals/tutorials/videos/plugins, etc.


    i would expect that WTK is fairly popular and has a lot of potential (look at nLite - speaking of which, you might want to contact him and see what his feelings are) and so, personally, if i were you and i needed the income, i would: a) keep it free and clean; B) advertise on the website; c) ask for donations in the software and website; d) possibly charge for priority support


    most people do not want to pay for software, period, and you will lose a lot of exposure if you go this route, which is why i'm considering other options


    being a developer myself and realizing the immense effort that goes into a project and the miniscule return realized, i still never pay for software, though i will donate generously to exceptional developers on occasion, usually for open source projects (actually i lie - i did buy ONE license - SandboxIE... oh, and for the original version of Half-Life :) )


    i also never bother with anything for which there is a "pro" version and certinly never anything with a peridical subscription - for whatever reason, that is just a huge turn-off for me, just like adware

    hmmm says it right there ^


    I was using myself as a example but its attitudes like yours that is the reason for the need like adware and so much less hi-quality freeware out there. People don't care about the little guys costs as long as they can get it for free.

  5. Adblocking is actually very damaging to my revenue at www.wpiw.net


    I really must say you are quite a smug person. I myself have on many occasions spent well over 40 hours a week on my program and have lost internet and many other things (I don't even have a pc of my own right now) due to the fact the people exactly like you never donate or purchase licenses. IMO you are even lower than the standard leecher because you just admit to being a jerk and don't care.


    I get less than 40 a month in ad revenue and over the last ten years I have recieved less than a thousand in unsolicited donations.


    So lets do basic math here:


    BASIC internet = $30 a month times 12 = $360 x 10 = 3,600

    Lost wages AT LEAST 700 a month

    Hosting costs = at least $50 a month.


    So your looking at a personal investment of at least 10,000 and then you waltz in here and pull that "I never pay" sh*t


    By the way before you make helpful suggestions to me my programming is always open source, never add-linked or any adware at all not even nagware. And the only thing I actually ask for real money is when they want to use it corporate side. That's $100 and you know how many actually have bought licenses for that?? 12 companies. I get over 10,000 dl's a month from my server and my stuff is hosted everywhere yet I can't even afford a pc.........

  6. No, you won't you were banned once for trying to share it and you will be banned again for bypassing that with another account. Warez is not welcome here and that is not a subject up for debate!


    Google translate:


    Non, vous ne vous étiez banni une fois pour essayer de la partager et vous serez banni de nouveau pour contourner cela avec un autre compte . Warez est pas la bienvenue ici et qui ne sont pas un sujet à débat !

  7. We still have to get funding and keep our servers so there is no choice but to follow common law in most countries.


    Google translate:


    Nous avons encore à obtenir du financement et de garder nos serveurs il n'y a donc pas d'autre choix que de suivre la common law dans la plupart des pays 

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