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  1. im running windows 7 with service pack 1 and all windows updates intergrated in to the install.wim i downwloaded W7t Vs 1.4.0.? when i used it to add the tweaks to the .wim and did a fresh install i get half way threw the install and the system reboot's the completing installation screen appears as normal but after 2 seconds i get a blue screen error pop up and system reboots thus install has failed and im stuck in a reboot loop if i reformat the paration i was installing to i can still reinstall again so the hd is fine i ran W7t Vs and it worked fine has any one else had this problem ?? is there's a bug in W7t Vs 1.4.0.? after tweaks been added ??? or did i use a tweak option that caused this to happen ?? :help: below are the tweaks option i used in W7t Vs 1.4.0.? *AIO #Tweaks Add 'Copy To Folder' to context-menu Add 'Move To Folder' to context-menu Add 'Task Manager' to desktop context-menu Remove 'Print' from context-menu Remove 'Troubleshoot Compatiblity' from context-menu Small Taskbar Icons Unlock the taskbar Allow 3rd Party Themes Change DPI Setting::Medium 125% Control Panel View::Small Icons Disable 8.3 Name Creation Disable Language Bar Disable Last File Access Timestamp Disable Low Disk Space Notification Disable Search Online on Unknown File Extensions Disable Shortcut Link Resolve Disable Thumbnail Cache Increase Icon Cache Remove Shortcut Prefix Show All Icons on System Tray Show Hidden Files & Folders Speed Up Desktop Speed-up Access to AVI Media Files Disable Auto Reboot after installing updates Disable Windows Media Player AutoUpdates Open NFO files with notepad Remove Windows Mail Splash Show Notepad Statusbar Word Wrap in Notepad Disable Default Browser Check Disable First Run Customize Disable IE Crash Detection Disable Internet Explorer to Check for Updates Disable Password Caching in Internet Explorer Disable Signature checking for EXEs Disable Warning on Close (Tabs) Enable Third Party Components Reset Text Size(New Tabs) Reset Zoom Level (New Tabs) Set Google as Search Provider Turn Off RSS feed discovery Unlimited Simultaneous Downloads Disable Highlighting of new Programs Remove 'Default Programs' from Start Menu Remove 'Devices & Printers' from Start Menu Remove 'Help & Support' from Start Menu Remove 'Music' from Start Menu Remove 'Videos' from Start Menu Show 'Downloads' on Start Menu Show 'Run' on Start Menu Use small icons on Start Menu Detailed Shutdown & Logon Disable Group Policy Synchronise Enable Boot Defrag Enable MSI Service in Safe Mode Shutdown Quicker Always Unload DLL Disable Admin Shares Disable Auto System Sounds Leveling::Reduce all other by 50% Disable Bandwidth Limit Disable Dr Watson Disable Hibernation Disable NTFS Encryption Disable Windows Error Reporting Don’t allow Windows to turn off devices Improve USB Storage Devices Performance Increase File System Memory Cache Size Increase RPC Packet Size Custom 1 (MANIKANT.S.GUPTA)
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    I like it too very nice step in the right direction Thanks Legolash2o ;-)
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