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  1. SHARK 007's Vista Codec Pack v5.3.0 (English) Addon Installs VCP @T13 with no progressbar or pop-ups. Author's Description . . . When dealing with codecs, more does not equal better. Having the least amount on your system is the best configuration. This is exactly what these packages will do for you. http://shark007.net/ 4cecf212e6936552189e9095c9178157 17.1MB Download Changelog:-
  2. Hi Dave :welcome: .... yeah, Xp tweaks ... never ending
  3. @ccl0.... Resource Hacker or Restorator good for editing the files ...I prefer Restorator. Open msgina.dll in Restorator .... and under Dialog branch open no. 20100 then click Edit Mode tab and you will see the layout appear....then drag the "cancel" button to the position you want click Edit Mode Tab again....and say yes to change....then save the new file. see what I mean here:- @qwesta... give me idea of what shells or cpl's you would like to see Animations on and I'll see if I already got, or possible to make and upload.
  4. @felix3650.... yeah AVI's can be added to a fair few dll files, and cpl's and dialogues altered to suit. example animated mouse:- example animated "Run" message:- cro-man done a tutorial on adding AVI to msgina.dll ... and the same method can be used to edit many dll files and cpl's to add animations. cro-man Tutorial
  5. cheers guys ... very welcome @UtCollector ... nice msgina on deviantart ... If you wanna edit some of your own styles you will find the regtweak to add hibernate button to the "bar" makes the shutdown box a bit longer and narrower ... I had to reposition the "bar" of the bmp to make it scale to regtweak alteration.
  6. Animated Cpl's; Dll's; Exe's; Etc. for XP Source files from Xp Sp3; - bmp's, dialogs, icons, and strings edited/replaced with animated Avi's added. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1) MSGINA.DLL with animation and Hibernate added:- aa7388eca0e464c9bc7d0c674546ca0b 252 kb's 1) Download MSGINA Addon ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2) SNDVOL32.EXE with animations added:- e7257d884d930c2ffab2d1fd24d62fcf 76 kb's 2) Download SNDVOL32 Addon ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3) SYSDM.CPL with animations, and "msoft" OEM logo added:- 124808c38afe628d251c2b48c24b0efa 506 kb's 3) Download SYSDM with OEM Addon ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4) REGEDIT.EXE with animation added to "Find" section dialog (request):- 714dfed15cc5dee924361e83cab34e63 81 kb's 4) Download REGEDIT Addon ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5) INTRO.WMV (Windows7 Style) for OOBE section (640x480 7sec's duration):- Credit to bmw09121985 for the bmp's I used to make this f10b41c39293872b0d7678144648abc8 109 kb's 5) Download INTRO (Win7 Style) Addon ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BTW- Gif Images posted are not the best; because I had to take AVI's of the animated files, convert to Gif's, and host the images, so quality and frame rates suffer a lot during the process. May add some others later ... Changelog:-
  7. just having a little play testing some animated avi's ....
  8. yeah, you could unpack the IE8 Installer and then repack as winrar.sfx installer, and create in a svcpack addon. I have been doing this with IE8 RC1 , and now with IE8 Final. The switch to use in winrar.sfx installer is:- update\iesetup.exe /quiet /update-no /no-default /norestart
  9. wolfcall


    great tool .... thought I would try it on WinAVI 7.7, adding HelixSDK to program files ... worked perfect ... very user friendly. many thanks :thumbsup_anim:
  10. DennyMK.... cheers buddy, but stand back, u like uploading your addons and I don't want to see u penalized on my account. ricktendo64.... u r a sad pathetic excuse of a spamming, flaming, arrogant "moderator" ... that will never, ever intimidate, or treat me as second class, and get away with it......so, delete this addon, and call it yours .... no charge for the tutorial.
  11. cool ... On your Start Menu programs .... IP Filter should be there....click the IP Filter icon ....it needs to upate from source forge..... then it will show up in utorrent.
  12. I'just uploaded with language pack a minute ago.....if u installed earlier file it didn't have language pack, and if u download and do manual install..... with languge pack u would need to open utorrent preferences and select language .... IP Filter is in svcpack folder.....if u didnt run that, then it wouldnt show.
  13. if u read the comments on page 4 of your v1.7.7 addon u will see that I posted a fix, and said your inf would work with edits. u r the one who said it broken and can't work, and not possible to hack uTorrent.exe cause it encrypted..... and u r the one who wouldnt update the addon, despite requests. and don't ever try to talk to me like I am "stupid" cry baby addon updated (added langauge pack and install to system default)
  14. yeah buddy .... same one, but can't remember if yours got the IP Filter, if not, that's the only difference
  15. Removed due to plagiarism, no credit or permission was asked for or granted by me the author for this addon
  16. cheers DennyMK .... I like yours and all the others posted
  17. hi guys ... some of you asking what I'm using on my desktop it's Winstep Xtreme v8.11 .... it does it all ... it's comprised of Nexstart; Workshelf: and Nexus. The package gives me my gadgets .... and docks ... start panel and windows 7 taskbar ...all customisable with transparency and sound effects ..... different themes available for it. I have used Aero Low Resolution Theme which I customised a little .... I altered its start button ...and dock theme ..... dock icons I made myself .....wallpaper,....had a while...think it was deviantart I got it ...I customed that a bit too ... had black band at bottom.....removed that for the taskbar to show better. I was using windowblinds with objectdock and Vista Sidebar .... but I've done away with that stuff now ... Winstep does it all .... 0% cpu and nearly 0 ram..... and very stable, had no running glitches. This is a little "Play Me" video below:- :thumbsup_anim:
  18. Hey Rick ... still shouting your mouth off accusing one guy of "stealing" and myself as being "stupid". Looks like you actually might believe your own line of bs. DennyMK is no thief ... and I am not too stupid .... but, you are most definetely "Flaming". ...and your Off Topic comment is pathetic ... for a "Moderator".
  19. cool .... that's all I was saying DennyMK was not "stealing" ... I think enough said.
  20. Kel ... all I really meant was that I felt it was harsh to just say "It's Still Stealing" to a guy that uploaded an addon without serial or crack in it .... I just think it would have been more appropriate to say ...hey, see u didn't upload a serial or crack, but the site doesn't want to host a retail version of any software, so we therefore need to disable your link and close the topic. If he had uploaded with serial or crack, I would be 1st in line to say, get rid of this, abruptly. btw ..... the Hold 'Em game and latest Sidebar come with latest Alky .... which has Vista Ultimate serial pre-applied .... we (the downloader, does not add serial .... it's all provided in the addon). But like I said .... my main concern was the manner his addon was closed. Whatever way we we want to cut it ... we are all cheating/stealing by various methods.
  21. Too bad DennyMK ..... I don't think you done any wrong uploading addon that had no crack or serial added. Topic closed "It's still Stealing" ...... It is not any more stealing than uploading Hold 'em and other Vista games for Xp that require Alky with Vista Serial Number to operate .... aren't u supposed to buy Vista to get those games and pay for your Vista Serial No???? ..... same Alky used in Windows Vista Sidebar for Xp ... so if you stole Deskspace .... others stole Games, Sidebar and other things for Xp.... that technically belong to Vista ... and should be purchased if wanted. Just pointing out the double standard.
  22. My desktop Jan 2009 .... running Xp Pro Sp3 (MCE) Custom ..
  23. thanks amigo ... should have known u didn't miss that dll. I put my specs on and see I missed the base addon lol No apologies needed for MCE addon ... I still use it with a couple of updates added to svcpack folder and works great every time. thanks buddy :thumbsup_anim:
  24. Great work as usual :thumbsup_anim: I downloaded Minesweeper to integrate with rick's Hold 'Em addon and an Inkball addon I have been merging ... just one little problem ...... the Minesweeper addon does not contain "Vista.Emulation.dll" so running the game failed .... no worries I downloaded that dll and fixed. I know that dll is in the AIO package ... but just wanted you to know for anybody downloading only Minesweeper. Many thanks btw ... the MCE addon that u deleted was the most innovative MCE addon I have seen, and had the pleasure to install
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