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  1. So it does make a difference whether I use the "UpdatePacks" or "Addons" functionality in the Main tab ? And the correct approach is to use the "Ryan VM Integrator" as follows : 1) integrate the 'Onepiece AIO Addon' and the 'IE Cosmetic Addon' together as "UpdatePacks"; 2) separately, following the completion of 1), integrate 'Remove Addons' as "Addons", one by one on consecutive integrations. Is this correct ?
  2. When using the Onepiece AIO Addon, with the Remove Addons and IE8 Cosmetic Addon, together with the RVM Integrator, do I enter these three pieces of software as "UpdatePacks" or as "Addons" at the RVM Integrator "Main" tab, or does it not matter which I enter them as ? Thank you.
  3. The download link seems to be disabled - any idea when/where the addon will be available ? Thanks.
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