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  1. The link and quote you listed is exactly what I referred to on my first post. I was just asking because I want to know if anybody has worked around this limitation, i.e. worked out the really really "true integration".
  2. Just have played with win7 deployment, I noticed that "integrated" updates/hotfixes are actually "install pending" rather than "installed", so that they are to be installed "when the image is booted". So anybody knows how to get this done? I would rather like seeing they are "installed", just like the integration of sp1. Also is there a way to remove old packages(old files that have been superseded) to save space?
  3. @bphlpt, thanks. @netluca, My builds work well, I'm interested in why yours fail. Would you mind share it so I can help locate the error? - EDIT - I suppose you can get answers from the log file of the verifier.
  4. I don't know what the utility is, would you provide a link? And apparently it's that's utility's problem. All my works only focus on functionality and satisfying Windows Update(even if Windows Update makes mistakes too). But I can't satisfy all 3rd-party apps.
  5. Yes, it's your Windows XP Pro SP3 that doesn't match this addon. And this addon matches XP Pro SP3 very well.
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