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  1. The link and quote you listed is exactly what I referred to on my first post. I was just asking because I want to know if anybody has worked around this limitation, i.e. worked out the really really "true integration".
  2. Just have played with win7 deployment, I noticed that "integrated" updates/hotfixes are actually "install pending" rather than "installed", so that they are to be installed "when the image is booted". So anybody knows how to get this done? I would rather like seeing they are "installed", just like the integration of sp1. Also is there a way to remove old packages(old files that have been superseded) to save space?
  3. @bphlpt, thanks. @netluca, My builds work well, I'm interested in why yours fail. Would you mind share it so I can help locate the error? - EDIT - I suppose you can get answers from the log file of the verifier.
  4. I don't know what the utility is, would you provide a link? And apparently it's that's utility's problem. All my works only focus on functionality and satisfying Windows Update(even if Windows Update makes mistakes too). But I can't satisfy all 3rd-party apps.
  5. Yes, it's your Windows XP Pro SP3 that doesn't match this addon. And this addon matches XP Pro SP3 very well.
  6. DirectX Runtimes can be used in XP. Windows Live Messenger 2011 can NOT be used in XP. That's M$'s dirty hand that pollute some part of the executables to make them incompatible with XP.
  7. 1. NO. I prefer opening msn again pops out the main window. 2. NO. *But since MSN is not initialized, it will automatically add an entry in Run to set itself auto-starting, you should change in the options after you first launch it.* 3. The first one removes ad from the main window(a pic on the bottom), the second one removes text ads from message windows(a ad link on the bottom).
  8. * Require Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Runtime *, can be acquired here. * Require DirectX Runtimes *, can be acquired here. On Windows7 SP0, KB2300535 and KB2120976 are required before installing. On Vista SP0 or SP1, KB959175 is required before installing NOT COMPATIBLE WITH WINDOWS XP * Patched with A-Patch with following settings * Download: * 32-bit * wlm2011.exe Size: 17.50 MB (18,346,783 Bytes) MD5: 06100e984aa533bfcb41613407eee562 * 64-bit * wlm2011x.exe Size: 18.22 MB (19,103,723 Bytes) MD5: 1646a52f25a98a7f799f92fe1ce4eb29 NOT COMPATIBLE WITH WINDOWS XP Can be used with /qb switch to hide cancel button, or /qn switch to perform a silent install.
  9. * Require Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Runtime *, can be acquired here. * Patched with A-Patch and puremsn like this * Download: wlm2009.exe Size: 16.1 MB (16,952,648 Bytes) MD5: 74100f9f774438760ca463896c3e4d7e Can be directly integrated with nLite or RVMI. Can be used with /qb switch to hide cancel button, or /qn switch to perform a silent install.
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