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  1. Hello Rick ,you steel in need of those parts let me know i got some i'm a system buider so i always got parts to spare
  2. Well i got nero 7 enhanced i installed the gadget it shows up in the sidebar bu it does nothing i installed it manually and does'nt work Actually i got Nero 7 Ultra Enhanced
  3. Hello please i nedd help i can't get the Nerodisc Copy Gadget to work igot nero7 instaled but i made a custom instal cos i don really need all the features i dont know if that may be the problem the ting is that i spended several hours and could'n make it work please help me Thak you
  4. Hello everybody this will be my firt post here And i just want say that vista is not what we all spected after 7 years of wait for a new OS from Microsoft I'm asystem builder ,I tryed Vista and i tell guys ,do not,do not waste your time on vista no just yet. I agree it looks very nice ,nice desk, but in my opinion that it I thank you ricktedo and all the guys for Xp sidebar project Very nice work
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