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  1. hi, my english is not so good so I may write not correctly. I have request for you to make me an two addons to my two operating systems: Windows 2000 Professional SP4 and XP Media Center Edition SP2 addons for high definition audio architecture KB888111. nLite integrates this hotfixes normally but removes to SVCPACK folder so they are installed in T-13 but I want TRUE addons. Who would be so helpful and make this TRUE addons? I know, it's possible to make TRUE addons from this hotfixes but I'm not familian with this subject. I give you link for this hotfixes - both are compressed by WinRAR. http://speedy.sh/XjTcJ/Desktop.rar if you make it, please upload on for example: speedy share or, megaupload, or wherever you want. thanks a lot!
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