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  1. hello wincert people, im trying to make a tweaked version of windows 7 but im kinda stuck and how to proceed. i loaded a os in the all in one tool and deleetd services i wont use. add a theme and downloaded and added solor tweaks pakages. i press start in the upper left corner and it will proces alot of stuff wich takes almost a hour:-o(why does it take so long? i have the data and the prog on my ssd with a 1100t oc'd to 3,8z and 8 ram) where can i then find the new files? if i rebuild the folder i choose in the begining it doesnt have my tweaks or theme in it when i installed in vmware to check it:S i looked at the guide section but there isnt a guide what tells me where i can find the new image etc. hope some one can help me out:)
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