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  1. Legolash2o can i be a beta tester??? i wish to try it and help you out a lil bit... just a question... have you looked for the RT7 - www.rt7lite.com -.... the way how the designer ordered the tweaks and settings its a nice way to do it... and.... do you think to add a function to save what I edited/removed on the image? just to be easier to redo in a near future... =) cheers =)
  2. Hello i dont know if I dont know how to use or if there is a bug in CAB Retrieve.... well... i downloaded the latest version of W7TK and tried to use this feature, but after some conversation on the topic about the CAB Retrieve, i think i found some bug..... see the image below am i doing something wrong or there is a bug? Thanks!
  3. but is unavailable for me... even after used windows update to get some updates to retrieve files... keeps unavailable.... i already closed and opened... tried with it opened.... isnt working anyway??? could you enlight me how to use? Thanks! =)
  4. eerrrr.... where is the download link? I want to use this addon.....
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