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  1. I also have the problem with the updates not being integrated. After installation I get 61 updates with WU, with or without integrated updates. Where can I find the error log so I can see if it is the same as yours?
  2. Hello. When I select Windows 7 x64 in SoLoR downloader it offers me 359 Updates to download. But when I do a fresh Windows 7 install and use Windows Update, there are only offered 61 Updates to me. Why does SoLoR have 298 more? And how are the Updates integrated? I somewhere read that just all the Hotfix-Installations are executed whilst the normal installation progress so it is not really a time advantage against manual installation. Is that true? Is there a difference in what order Update-Integration and Component Removal are being used? I mean, when I remove some components an then integrate updates which normally would update a component I just removed, will this update be ignored then? Or should I always use Component Removal after Update Integration just to be sure? Thanks
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