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  1. Unfortunately the current WTK was OK especially all in one integrator and the rest of the program we have to wait WTK 2.x is dysfunctional and ntlite the commercial and poor can be with him
  2. I have windows 10, WTK has worked to 01.01.2017 now no longer supports Win 10 wim
  3. of 1.1.2017 does not work for win 10 images dism selection does not affect the function of the toolkit to win and now only works on Windows 8 and 7
  4. Win Toolkit does not process more image windows 10, windows 7 only 8.1 please help

    1. nanou


      bonjour a tous je cherche le windows 8.1 x86 iso pour l'installer sur mon ordi qui tourne sous windows vista 

      merci a tous .


  5. some selected versions are not supported on this version of win toolkit 01.01.2017. windows 10 1607

    1. olivamaki


      Sadly only money, money is no free

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