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  1. Thanks ricktendo64. It's actually a multi-function (printer/scanner) machine which is an old canon Imageclass MPC190S. The printer is already defective so I'm only using the scanner.
  2. Hello friends, I am a power user. I've been installing windows XP since 2003 (after migrating from windows 2000). I know how to use the great tools like RyanVM integrator and nlite, but I don't know how to make addons. I do not know how to make script. But certain addons like 7zip and pdfXchange viewer, I managed to make for myself. At work, I am using windows XP pro SP3 (because of softwares like TotalCAD, Ulead Photo express and 1 scanner not being compatible with windows 7). At home, my pc has windows 7 pro x64 installed. I also own a an asus U36SD laptop with windows 7 x64. I'm comfortable browsing the registry with regedit and delete entries for which I am very sure, but not confident in editing unless there is a step-by-step procedure for noobs. Based on ranking 1-10 (1 for beginner, 10 for expert), I'm comfortable to say that my rank is 2. While browsing this site a few days ago, I've stumbled upon this Win7 tool kit and I became interested to learn how to use it, with the help and patience of our experts here. Yours truly, doerguen
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