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  1. Update 21. Lots of security fixes with this release.
  2. Clean install seems to work fine. Just issues with upgrading. Testing Upgrading from 30 to 31 in a VM now.
  3. Having issues with the Java6u31 silent installer. Upgrading from the Java6u30 silent installer, and I'm getting all sorts of weirdness. Java6u31 32-bit seems to install, but the control panel icon is messed up. Java6u31 64-bit does not install properly. Also had a popup message about failure to run some reg utility. I'm going to try a clean install and see if it I hit similar issues. UPDATE - Seems a vast majority of machines did update properly. Perhaps this is specific to a single machine. I'll post an update if I run across any more with issues updating. For now, I'm going to assume that something was wrong with this machine in particular. Sorry about the false alarm.
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